Chris and Ricky - Master and Daddy Pt2

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Part two of the last chapter

Me and Ricky had a really fun week, he's a great Dom, although I'm used to having Master be, well, my Master. Ricky never ordered me around, he asked if I wants to do something, but he still needs to work on being a little more strict.

I broke one rule by accident, no popping my bones, and he just said it was okay, he didn't understand that I still needed punishment so I learn. But it's okay cause he's new at this, I still had a fun week, he made me feel better and kinda forget that I was sad cause Master left.

Currently, I'm sitting on the floor because it's very comfortable and I like floors, while Master talks with Ricky about something. I'm in the living room while their in the Kitchen, I mess with my tail while I wait to hear Masters deep voice call for me.

I missed him so much, I'm happy he's back, I'm also excited cause he said he'd reward me if I was good. Ricky told him I was which made him happy to hear, he said he would reward me after they talk and I'm so excited.

"Pet, Come." Master's deep voice thunders from the kitchen.

I immediately jump up and walk into the kitchen seeing Ricky first, he's leaning against the counter as Master stands bent down with his forearms on the island in the middle of the room, both look at me as I stop next to Master.

He stands straight looking down at me a smirk on his pierced lips, he lifts his hand to my face and gently caresses my cheek for a second before moving his fingers to my chin and roughly pulls my face closer to his.

His eyes are firm and his smirk widens as he stares down at me, "Upstairs, the play room. On your knees, spread them, look down with your hands in between them. Now." His voice is stern and demanding, I notice Ricky look surprised at his tone but I don't mind.

"Yes, Master." I quickly say before running out of the room and up the stairs hearing Master's sexy chuckle.

I run to the room across from Masters, he keeps the door locked but I'm guessing he unlocked it because when I turn the handle it opens, I close it back practically jumping with excitement. I get to please Master as a reward for being good with Ricky, I'm very excited.

The large room is dark with dark red walls, the windows having dark black curtains over them, the bed in the middle of the room has dark blankets on it and has a canopy with chains hanging down from it, and the walls have different things hanging on them; Whips, rope, floggers, paddles, handcuffs, and more.

I sit on my knees in front of the bed with them spread and put my hands between my upper thighs, close To my, Masters, cunt and look down at the black carpeted floor. The room is sound proof so I can't hear anything outside, Master made this room Specifically for when he wants me, I'm being punished or when he knows I need him.

No one knows about it, no one can see in or come in, and he doesn't tell anyone and I don't either cause I cause I would be in really, really big trouble and I don't like Master when he's angry. Especially if his anger is towards me, it makes me feel terrible knowing I upset him.

I hear the door handle turn causing the temptation to look up fill me, but I don't, I keep my eyes and head down hearing it close back then Masters footsteps on the carpet get closer.

His boots stop in front of me and I feel his index and thumb under my chin lifting my head to see him, his eyes are dark and his smirk is still present.

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