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Vi: Din't forget about dress shopping after school :P

You: Oh, remember I have detention after school today until 6:30. So I'll meet you at the school gates at that time :D

Vi: Oh yeah, thanks for actually telling me this time

You read her text while sitting on the train to school and music blasted from your headphones.

Jesus, why does she still have to be so salty about that. Yesterday she didn't even seem to mind at all, and now she's still being all sassy about it! Maybe she just has more courage when she isn't face to face with you.

You had no biology class today, thank god, but at the end of the day, you went into detention as usual.

"I was thinking," Mr Fischbach began, while you were finishing up some French homework due tomorrow, "How about I help you revise for the test tomorrow?"

"The test," you repeat, entirely freaking out on the inside, as the memory of it and how fucked you are, comes crashing back into your consciousness. "Um... can I send a text quickly?"

His eyebrow raises at the odd response to his question, "Only one," he warns.

Hastily, you whip out your phone and send a text to Violet, telling her you can't go dress shopping that day since you have to revise for biology. Oceans of guilt and terror (for her reaction) consumed you, but as long as you can push it away, ignore it. That's your moto. School is more important, so you'd worry about Violet later.

"Okay, I'm done," you slip your phone into your pocket.

"Good. Now, what do you want me to explain first?"

Mr Fischbach took the time to help you study, but you still felt no closer to understanding certain things, which is odd, usually you instantly get things. It's probably because you weren't fully concentrating, half of your mind was occupied with thoughts of Violet and her reaction... and Luke.

"Oh, it's 6:50," Mr Fischbach exclaims, and you jump to your feet, literally shoving things into your bag with no care as to how they could get damaged.

"I'm going to miss my train! The next one comes a whole hour after the 7 pm one!" In all honesty, your intention was not mainly to make him guilty. It was more just to explain your abruptness.

"I can drive you there," he offers, a warm, reassuring smile on his softened features. Again, you felt your mind pause for a moment is puzzlement. Is he supposed to be an asshole or a really caring guy? How is he both? Why do you want to kill him and hug him at the same time!?

"Uh... sure," eventually, the words manage to escape the tip of your tongue. Obviously, you would take the offer, even if he was a pure asshat, because you are not going to miss that train!

While he packed away his things, you took the time to save all the crunched up papers you had just thrown into your rucksack. You both rushed to his car and hopped in, you in the shotgun seat.

The drive would only last five or so minutes, but the first few were just filled with a painfully awkward silence. He didn't even turn on the radio, so clearly he wants to talk... but neither of you can bring yourselves to begin a conversation. He awkwardly tapped his fingers against the steering wheel, while your eyes roamed the night sky.

Suddenly, you recall you haven't seen the response from Violet. But, as you tugged the phone from your pocket, you wish you didn't remember:

Vi: For fucks sake! Are you serious? I could have gone home already, and you're telling me this now? I'm the only one working in this friendship anymore (Y/n), you're not trying at all! Talk to me when you finally have your fucking priorities in order. You can't just keep using me when it's useful, then throwing me away like a fucking tissue! And if you fucking dare come up to me tomorrow and say "sorry," I will actually kill you. I expect more than a hollow apology in this one, (Y/n)!

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