Chapter 27

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Another cover by @fearless_pineapple. Thank you!



The first thing I felt when I came to was the throbbing sensation in my head. I groaned and turned on my side, freezing when I felt a soft bed beneath me. I opened my eyes slowly and immediately recognized that I was in one of the rooms in the castle. I could tell that it was nighttime from looking out the window, but a lamp lit the room comfortably.

"How you feeling?" My eyes swung to the left corner of the room, where Damien sat in a chair, his face neutral. He was still in the same clothes from earlier and I looked down to see that I was too.

"What happened?" I asked, trying to remember the cause of my black out. All I remembered was Ramsey, pain, and the weird vision of...a womb? The vision came back to me for a second, the surround sound of a beating heart filling my ears. Definitely a womb. That was weird.

Damien waved his hand in the air and scooted forward on the chair, leaning his elbows on the top of his knees. "We need to talk, remember?" he asked and I raised a brow.

"About what?"


I looked down at the blankets that covered me, pulling it higher to my chin. The same annoyed, angry feeling I felt when I realized Zander was his son came back and I met Damien's dark eyes again. "What about him?" I asked, earning a deep sigh from Damien.

"He's my son. Obviously. The result of a...particular night I am not fond of. Let's just say I lost control." He explained. "Nellie was my girlfriend and we didn't care about the mate shit. Didn't want who we were going to spend the rest of our lives with to be determined by some mark on our wrists." Damien breathed out a laugh as I watched him get lost in his memories for a second.

"Why didn't you tell me this before?" I asked, sitting up. "You made me believe that you didn't want any kids, period." Damien locked eyes with me.

"I didn't." he answered curtly. "Why is it bothering you so much? You have Alesandro. You want me to be mad that you have a son even though we're mates? Don't be a hypocrite, Alice."

He was right. I hated that. Getting angry that he didn't tell me he had a kid, for what? I couldn't be mad, especially since I already had a kid myself. But something inside me just didn't sit well with the fact that Zander was his son. I ruled it to be idiotic jealousy.

"I'm still trying to wrap my head around us being mates." I said truthfully and Damien looked away for a second, causing me to frown. "What's wrong?" I asked. He ran his fingers through his snowy hair, shaking it a bit. A streak of pain ignited in my head again and I winced, taking a moment to close my eyes and breath deeply before opening them again.

"Nothing." Damien narrowed his eyes and opened his mouth to speak, but the door opened, interrupting him. I focused my gaze on who was at the door and I was surprised to see that it was Ramsey. "Well, it's about time. Took you long enough."

Ramsey made a face at Damien and made his way to where Damien was, taking off his leather jacket I recognized from earlier. "I do have a life, you know. I got here as quickly as I could. You said she's getting weaker?" he asked, while Damien stood up nodding.

"Quicker than she should be." Damien replied, adjusting his clothes. I looked back and forth between them, figuring out that they were talking about me.

"When's the last time she was with a human?" Ramsey inquired, sliding his shoes off. He took off his socks right after, stuffing them in his shoes. He was getting too comfortable for my liking.

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