Home Sweet Crime Rates

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No one said a word as I walked up the stairs and into my room, where I promptly collapsed on my bed.

Like I said, these conversations always turn out the same.


It was another hour before I heard both mom and Wendell head to sleep. The second I heard the snores coming from their room, I shot up from bed.

I slid open the window and popped the screen out, an act I had done so many times it was routine.

The cool air immediately hit me like a brick wall, but I met it willingly. The window wasn't to far above the porch roof, so I was easily able to slip onto that and leap onto the grass.

Occasionally I would laugh, thinking of how most people would just assume I was sneaking out to some party.

I was sneaking out to a party. A party of murder!

I do need a good influence...

Brushing off my thoughts, I began to walk down the road. I lived only a few miles from the city, but you'd never guess.

I didn't have the luxury of growing up in a family friendly neighborhood like this. The city, though unforgiving and foreign, was more familiar than these houses would ever be.

Maybe that was why I couldn't feel at home here. Or maybe because I wasn't welcome.

I brushed off my self reflection and started jogging. I had found out a long time ago that my best excuse to be out this late is to say I'm exercising, which has the benefit of being healthy.

Every once in awhile someone else would walk past me, either walking a dog or jogging, like me. So I wasn't too surprised when I heard someone coming up behind me.

Until that person wrapped their arms around my waist.

"Ack!" I shouted, twisting around to see... Kace. The adrenaline and shock quickly wore off, and it was replaced with the growing realization that the Kace had his arms wrapped around my waist.

"Did I scare you?" He smirked, letting me go. I turned away from him so he couldn't see my red face.

"No, I'm used to random strangers sneaking up and attacking me." I huffed, crossing my arms.

"Maybe you should drive instead of walking." Kace suggested, walking by my side. "I only walked because I've never seen you drive, and I wanted to walk downtown with you."

"I don't have a car." I admitted. "My step devil says I can't drive until I turn seventeen."

Kace laughed, and my heart fluttered. Then I scolded myself. You are a feared vigilante! You aren't controlled my petty crushes.

"Careful, you're going to give step parents a bad rep." He smiled. "My parents are one of the few modern couples still together. I got my abilities from my mother's side of the family, and she pretends to not know I do this every night."

"Your mom... knows?" I asked, a little shocked. I couldn't imagine a parent knowing their child went out every night to fight crime.

"Yeah, she doesn't like it." He sighed. "But she did the same thing when she was young. She says something about power calls it to be used, and at least I'm not bottling it up until it all bursts out and the wrong person ends up dead."

"I just can't imagine any parent doing something like that." I said. "What about your dad?"

"He knows about my abilities, but he pretends they don't exist." He laughed. "I can't use them around the house or even mention them. Your parents?"

"My step dad has my mom wrapped around his finger and they both think I'm the antichrist." I smirked, proud of my status as evil incarnate. "I never knew my dad."

"I'm sorry." Kace murmured. We were silent for a few minutes as we neared the city.

"Home sweet crime rates." I smirked as we finally reached the real city. Cars passed by without a second look at the junkies on the streets, and it was easy to find an alley.

"So you just throw your jacket on the ground?" Kace questioned in shock as I pulled it off.

"Yep." I smiled. "What do you do?"

I watched as he pulled off his purple sweatshirt, revealing his red one, and then watched in awe as he pulled of his red one. And then there was just me and him, with the ladder bare chested.

It didn't last long, as he quickly pulled on his purple sweatshirt and then his red one over that, so all you could see was the red one. However, it was long enough for me to be left with the sight of him shirtless in my mind.

"And I get to keep the sweatshirt." He smirked, not noticing my discomfort as he slipped on his mask.

I did the same, and unfolded my wings. He watched in awe as they spread to their full length.

"Those are amazing." He grinned. "I'll never get used to seeing them."

"Sure." I snorted, but I honestly felt flattered. "So, do you just walk around and look for something to do?"

"Yep." He nodded. "Not all of us can fly above everyone else."

"What if the police come?" I asked. "You should know they aren't exactly supportive of vigilantes."

"I duck into an alley." He shrugged. "What else am I supposed to do?"

I sighed, but he was right. My wings fluttered, irritated. "Well, I'm  going my way. See you later."

"Hey, why don't we go patrol together?" He offered hopefully. "The more the merrier, right?"

"We can cover more ground if we split up." I tried to reason.

"That's what they say in horror movies, and the blonde one always ends up dead. I'm partially blonde. Do you want me dead?!"


"Wrong answer."

"Well, I can fly away, so you can't really stay with me-" I began. He cut me off by grabbing my arm.

"Not with me attached." He grinned.

"Fine, we can die together!" I gave up, throwing my hands in the air. He smiled, but didn't let go of my arm. I tried not to appear nervous, but I still kept shifting my weight uncomfortably.

"Come on, let's go fight some crime!"

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