Episode Thirteen - You're Safe With Me

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My stomach dropped and my heart thudded hard against my chest. "You what?"

Sebastian put the picture down and turned to look at me. "It doesn't matter. After everything happened I knew the last thing you'd be thinking about was prom."

Suddenly I felt sad for what could have been. I'd wanted to go, despite all the sadness surrounding me at that time, despite not having a dress to wear or a date to go with. It seemed like a right of passage but in the end I'd just stayed home.

"You learned to dance..." I swallowed hard as I processed the information he'd just handed me. "For me?"

He nodded before shoving his hands in his pockets. "I guess."

I stood up and blew out a long slow unsteady breath. "And after all that time, we dance just once." I walked until I stood in front of him. "Seems like an awful waste."

"I suppose it is." He replied. "But it still seems like it was worth it."

I smiled and nodded. "Thank you Seb."

"There is really nothing to thank me for."

I shrugged and walked to the door. "Coffee?"

Seb looked down at his wrist, and frowned. "I should probably actually head back and get some sleep. Long drive tomorrow and all."

"Of course." I brushed away the confusing disappointment of him leaving. "I should probably get some sleep too."

I walked out of my room and Sebastian followed closely behind. Once we were at the front door I watched as Seb opened it and walked through. He turned and looked back at me, smiling one last time before letting go of the door handle.

"Night Em."

"Night Seb."

I watched as he walked down the path, finally closing and locking the door once he was out of sight. The five glasses of champagne had left me slightly giddy and not at all tired. Still I forced myself upstairs and into the shower. The warmth of the water did little to calm me though and I got out feeling more refreshed than I had when I'd climbed in. I dressed in a pair of old track pants and a t-shirt. On my way out I grabbed a thick blanket from my bed and walked downstairs to the lounge. There was an old 90's movie playing on the TV but I was far too distracted to watch it. Only the night before had I fallen asleep beside Seb, since then I'd been unable to snuff out the feelings I'd kept hidden within me for so long. Feelings I still didn't quite understand. Frustrated I stood up and walked through the house, escaping through the back door. Through the trees I could see the moonlit lake. I let my feet move me across the yard, until I reached the start of the wooden pier.

I walked to the end and sat down, dangling my feet in the water. Despite being night, the water was still quite warm after having the summer sun bearing down on it all day.

"Couldn't sleep either huh?" Sebastians voice overrode the white noise of the night insects and lapping water. I swallowed hard and managed to whisper back. "Something like that."

I felt him draw closer, as he walked down the pier.

"Do you mind if I join you." He asked softly as he sat down beside me.

"It is your pier." I reminded him.

"It's as much yours as it is mine." he replied. "It was built for the both of us."

"So why can't you sleep Sebastian Tolley?" I asked turning to face him.

He sighed and looked out at the lake. I could tell he was holding something back so I gently shoulder barged him. "We're suppose to tell each other everything remember."

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