The Chronicles of Fedors - BOOK 1

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Dear adventurer, if you are a obsessed reader for books that are been related in first person, if you to cling to a only character, STOP TO READ NOW, certainly, this book isn’t for you.

            The Esteros’s relate has been write for the reader doesn’t lose anyone detail, by the way, the first publishing house had entitled him as “the author uses a new mode for to relate your story”.

            Here I priority the woof and show a new world for to be explored.

            For a medieval’s fantasy relater, in my opinion, the story must have the most featured. For Esteros I use a “lighter” related than RPG’s relaters, therefore, this book hasn’t the essence of RPG narrated and played, even the story is based on the RPG genre.

            I hope this little text has been done you to feel curiosity for read himself, and if the answer is YES, turn this page and have great adventures in ESTEROS!

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