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I walked into the gym for after school practice  to see Dimitri reading one if his Westerns. I swear for Christmas I should just get him one. Hell maybe a John Wayne movie. 

"Hey Dimitri. What's on the agenda today?  Laps?" 

He looked up and smiled "Just do 20 for  now then we'll spar. " I nodded glad that it wasn't wjward between us anymore. 

I was about to walk out when the doors opened to reveal

"Mom? " " Rosemarie. I came to see whayou've been doing. " I nodded of course she came because of my training. 

"I'm gonna do those laps Dimitri... ". I got out of there and onto the track. Maybe I can try to make a relationship with her. Maybe I can even ask a few questions about my father. I realized that I had ran 30 laps. Shit. 

I quickly  got back into the gym and took off my hoodie to reveal a thick black tank top. 

"Mom? Can I ask you something? "

"Depends. What is it? " " Can you tell me who my father is? "

"Why do you wnt to know? "

"Because I feel I have a right to know who played a part in my existence. "

"Abr Mazur. He was going to contact you on Christmas. His work is dangerous he didn't want to risk your life. "

I nodded grateful that I hsd gotten an answer 

"Let's do this Dimitri" we got into position and sprung. We were both quick and almost evenly matched. I landed a few punches and kicks but in the end, he pinned me.  

"You did well Rose, just work on keeping your left side protected" He said as he helped me up. 

"OK. Anything else? "

"Not really. Just make sure you don't let you'd opponent know you're in pain. They could use if against you. "

Thanks Comrade. I'm gonna go"

"It Guardian Belikov Rosemarie. "Don't start now mom. 

"I do not use titles unless in formal occasions. "

"Proved you have norespect. You don't seem worthy of Guardian Belikov's training. "

That hurt " Just drop it please mom.Drop it. "

"Why so you could throw yourself at someguy? "

"I have never thrown myself at anyone! I value my innocence! I'm not the whore everyone says I am.  I have never been with anyone inn that way!"

"Sure you haven't. Apparently I didn't raise you correctly. "

" Excuse me. You didn't raise me correctly? You didn't raise me at all! Every holiday I got to see all the other kids go home to families while I sat on the steps and wondered whete my mommy was!  I got to see all the kids brag about what they got for their birthday's and talk about how much their parents loved them!  Every damn vacation I declined Lissa's offers to spend it with her family claiming that my mommy would come this year!  And every year Stan, Yuri, Alberta and the other guardians had to hold me while I cried. They had to carry me inside after I fell asleep outside watching the driveway. Every year on your birthday I sent homemade cards! And not once did I get a phone call, a letter nothing. I was once a little girl who wanted her mother's affection!  Do you remember when I was six and you were on campus. Alberta always said that the speed I ran could've rivialed that of a strigoi. How happy I was when I hugged you?  And then you just unwrapped my arms and walked away? Do you know how long I ran after you?  How heartbroken I was,  did you  know how happy the guardians were to see me light up like that. I gave up thinking yoh would come when I was eight.  I lost hope. I didn't dare wish that my father would come for me.  You could've left me in Russia with Baba!  But no. What did I do that made you hate me. Because all I wanted was my mother! Did you know that when people would ask who my mother was I'd proudly say that you were. And that yoh were the best guardian? How I always used to think that maybe if I got great grades mommy would come. Do wbat did I do Janine! What the hell did I do! "

"You were born! I never wanted you! You may have been born in Russia eitb your precious Baba and Bubushkas but it was to late for an abortion. Yoh wanted an answer you got one. I nevef wanted you! " 

I gasped. I had tears running down my face. I grabbed my bag and ran. I didn't stop till I reached the guardians head quarters. There I saw Alberta, Stan, Yuri, Emil. Dimitri seemed to have been right behind me. 

"Rose? What's wrong? "Stan asked he realized that this had to be pretty bad if I WS bawling my eyes out. 

"I was finishing practice with Dimitri and Janine started correcting me on titles. Then she started calling me a whore. AfterI yelled at her for a but she told me she never wanted me. That it was to late for an abortion. She also compulsed  all my memories from Russia. "I was crying into Alberta's chest.  " I want you to contact my father I want to kknow what she meant by grandmothers. She is  kahrolası orospu! (Fucking Bitch in Turkish). 

"Don't worry Rose. We're getting him on the phone right now. "

They handed me the phone and a weary gruff voice answered. 


 Through my tears I managed to choke out. 

"Baba, onun Gülü... "( Daddy, its Rose) 


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