Chapter 2 - Say What Now?

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   •Note: Fowl language used in this chapter•

I waited in the principal's office, sitting in a chair facing a window that looks into the hallway. I noticed that the hallway was practically deserted. I closed my eyes, trying to remember what happened. Then I saw it: the incident.

Flashback ~
I cried out in pain, and something emitted from my body, a surge of a golden light, a wave of it. I don't know what it was, but it looked... beautiful. Micheal grabbed me by my waist, and his hand dug right into my scar. The scar from my surgery. It was a basic surgery, common. He dropped me to the ground, in terror, which caused me to drop onto the scar. I remember seeing blood, not a lot. One stitch probably broke.
End Flashback~

I opened my eyes; I was still in the principal's office. I put my hand against my scar, a little bit of blood. I lifted my shirt a little, only one stitch, like I said. I applied a little bit of pressure.

Soon enough, the bleeding stopped. As that happened, my mom walked through the door.

"Mom? What are you doing here?" I knew why, but I still asked. My reaction was talking, not me.

"Luce, are you okay, hun? Did your stitches break?" I got confused for a moment, realizing my hand was still on my scar. Shit, busted...

"Mom, I'm fine, it was just one stitch." She looked at me, still concerned.

"I think you should come with me, your father and I have something to discuss." I looked at her with confusion. What would we need to discuss? I realized the principal was behind my mom, he nodded, which I assumed meant that I can leave.

On my way out, I was given a box with the stuff that was in my locker. I looked at the person who gave it to me in confusion, "Why did you empty my locker? I'm not leaving forever.... right? Mom?"

She looked at me, I knew something was up. I thanked the man and followed my mom to her car, and we took off.

After a while we stopped in a parking lot for a school; the school my mom taught at.

"Mom, why am I here? Don't you teach here?"

" I knew this day would come," my mom seemed to be talking to herself for a moment, "Lucy, that surge of gold that emitted from you, it was magic."

I looked at her in disbelief, "Say what now!? Magic?! That isn't a thing, is it?!" I stared at her, she nodded her head slowly. I looked down at my lap, "Why didn't you tell me sooner?" There was a moment of silence.

"Your father, he doesn't have the ability to use magic. However, I do. When you were born, we agreed to wait and see if you had the ability to use it. It took longer than anticipated, so for years we assumed you didn't have the ability to use magic. Until now, of course."

I was still in disbelief. My moment was broken when my mother got out of the car and helped me out the car, "Miss Lucy Heartfilia. Welcome, to Fairy Tail High, a private school for those who possess the ability to perform magic. We help young mages learn to control their power and help them discover their calling towards what type of magic they have the ability to use. We have a welcome program with several students who will show you around and help you get your bearings. If you follow me, I will escort you to the person who will give you a grand tour of the school."

This is insane, I can use magic? I can use magic? I'm going to a new school? I'm starting a new life?

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