1 [Prolog?]

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Pov. V

Already sweaty I hit again and again against the punching bag hanging right in front of me. I'm not the "strong" type of a fighter, but it's a good workout anyway. Just like Suga Hyung says, one, two, straight is everything.

Even if I'm not as good as he is. Suga is just more talented in boxing. Suga is my partner. Yes, you could call us that. He has other reasons than me, but we have the same goal. Killing vampires.

Before anyone speculates, we aren't revengeful or anything like that. Maybe a little bit, but actually we just want to save other humans.

There surely are vampires that are nice. Somewhere. I just haven't met any yet. And the specimens that attack us? Well, it feels good to get rid of a threat. I am certain that I am already crazy, but it is still fun. The adrenaline that pulsates through my veins and the feeling of defeating something much stronger is simply indescribable.

The deep voice of Suga hyung echoes through our training room and I answer without interrupting my punches.


"Taehyung, the punching bag is innocent. Don't destroy it in the first practice session.", says Suga amused, gently holding my wrists.

"If your ankles begin to bleed, I won't take you out tonight." He smiles and ruffles through my fluffy hair. Take a shower and get dressed, we'll get some." He grins with a big smile that shows his gums.

I owe Yoongi so much. Even if he doesn't realize that I am no longer a small child. We are only 2 years apart and yet he treats me like a little kid.

Frustrated I run my hand through my hair and stroke it backwards. I guess it's time to get ready.

*Time Skip*

Hyung is sitting in the driver's seat and I next to him in the passenger seat. We were again stopped by the police. It's funny that we killed so many "humans" or rather vampires, but no one is looking for us.

Vampires are of course also citizens of our city, but hyung has good contacts that can clean up behind our mess.

Hyung opens the window and looks into the eyes of the policeman with a smile.
"Hi. Are there any problems, sir?"
The innocence in his voice scares me more than if he kills a vampire right in front of my eyes.

He'll probably kill more vampires today than usual.

After about 10 minutes Yoongi hyung also got rid of the police. Luckily hyung isn't a "normal" serial killer. The police would never catch him. Yoongi is Suga's real name by the way. Nevertheless, we mostly use our code names outside. For safety's sake.

A few streets in front of a nightclub hyung stops slowly and we step out of the car still quite calmly. Vampires usually hang around in such dark places. It's funny that they live undiscovered in our presence, if you can even call it living.

They do it probably like us.

Let all witnesses disappear.


I'm reworking the story, because I'm better at writing now and I cringe too much when I see my old writing...


- Coiciama

I'll upload the story sometime on my other account. Because I just want to separate my English and German stories :3

And if you have questions about anything just write on my wall or look if I postet anything. Alright?

I'll hopefully also edit this stuff when I have summer vacation, but for now I'll just let it be, okay?

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