Part 45 - Defection at its finest

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Jess's POV -------

Its had been about an hour after Tom had his hissy bitch fit, I can't believe him! I stormed off, I didn't want to see his face, he couldn't accept the fact that I was actually happy for once in my life and he didn't like it. Happiness is hard to come by in a world like this. Everyone in the group had heard, and seen the whole argument, so when I stormed off, they all kept flapping about over me asking if I was alright. I just wanted to be alone. "Hey has anyone seen Tom? It's his shift on watch and I can't find him anywhere" Carol yelled into the cell still looking for Tom, I peered my heard out of my cell. "Maybe he's left again?" Glenn asked as he approached Carol. "Should we go after him?" Beth asked, rocking Judith to sleep. "Just leave him, if we go after him again one of us could get hurt like last time we went after him because he had a bitch fit" I yelled from my cell, not caring where he was... where would he go anyway?

Toms POV -------

My vision was blurring red to black as he began punching me, kicking me and throwing every insult under the sun at me, I thought a was about to pass out.

"Martinez!" A booming voice came from the darkened doorway, Martinez stopped kicking me "Well, well, well... What brings you round here toy soldier?" I glanced up to see the Governor... well I think it was the Governor my vision wasn't doing too well. I looked to the ground and spat the remaining blood from my mouth on the floor, then wiped my face. "I was going to ask if I could help you with the prison, but your Neanderthal here jumped the gun and kicked the shit out of me" I replied, Martinez huffed and marched towards the Governor "Watch your mouth asshole"

"Martinez! That's enough... I want to see what he's got to say for himself, now he can't do that with no teeth now can he?" The Governor laughed, slowly walked over to me and crouched down so he was at my eye level. "What brings you here?" He asked in a calm and subtle tone. "Rick... He's fucked things up big time... He deserves all he gets... I'll help you get in there... Just don't hurt Jess, that's all I ask" I pleaded. The Governor let out a chuckle, "Fine... we take the prison, you take Rick and Jess can come back to Woodbury, where she belongs..." I nodded. I wanted Rick, and he deserves all he gets. "Martinez... get him Cleaned up... we got so e planning to do" The Governor said nothing else and left the room, Martinez grabbed my arm and took me to the infirmary.

Governor's POV ------

This is exactly what we need! The solider had defected and he knew the ins and outs of the prison, this should be a piece of cake. Martinez had taken Tom to the infirmary, and ran to catch up with me, "I told Rick, if he gives up Jess and brings her to the barn... tomorrow, then we'll leave them alone..." Martinez looked at me confused "So were not going to take the prison?" I chuckled "Of course we are... after we've killed them all... I told him to bring Jess, but we'll kill them all there, then take the prison" I replied, Martinez nodded and a smirk crept across his face, as did mine. This was going to be easier than I thought.

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