The secrets out!

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Half the forest cut down! "What is this!?" I shouted at Asher. "We needed the wood for money." He shrugged. "I walked up to him. "No. You nees the trees to breathe. Is there something wrong with you? Are you not a werewolf? OR ARE YOU JUST AN INSENSTITIVE PIECE OF-" I roared at him but Julie grabbed my arm in an attempt to calm me down. I took a few deep breaths and opened my eyes agin to see Asher smirking at me.

Deforestation. I HATE IT SO MUCH! People have their reasons but how are they more important than the lives of wildlife and us? Hundreds of people die of air poisoning a year and we are cutting down trees, who are offering to clean the air for free. Global warming is a massive problem that is being ignored. Luckily, there are some amazing people who plant more trees and actually want to save the planet. Yeah, and a werewolf cutting down trees? They need forests to run in without humans seeing them! Never mind running, werewolves are a part of nature and are meant to look after the world.

"Go and run." I growled but no one moved. "I said, GO!" I shouted and some trembled in fear. "Why should we listen to YOU!?" Brittany shouted. My Goddess I am not in the mood for this. "In case no one noticed, it's Angel! That weak, stupid and pathetic human!" She smirked as people gasped and Asher just stood there gaping like a fish.

I gave everyone a bored look and waited for them be quiet. "You little freak!" Asher shouted. Everyone finally became quiet and he walked up to me. I locked all emotion away and my eyes became lifeless orbs of purple. "Ah my old nickname. Thanks Asher." I said casually and he growled. "It's Alpha Asher to you and coming with me." He grabbed my arm and began pulling me away. "Where are you taking me oh so powerful Asher?" I mocked and he growled again. My pack made a move to protect me, but ordered them to stand down at the flick of my wrist. "To the dungons for leaving. I can not be a proper alpha when you're not here so you will live in the dungeons for the rest of your sad life. Now that your near, I can be more powerful than ever without having to worry about my annoying little brat of a mate."

I stopped and he growled again. "I'm not going anywhere with you, I have your useless pack to train. And why is your pack useless? Hmmm, let me think. It's because you're SUCH a BAD ALPHA that you can't even protect your OWN BLOODY PACK!" I sreamed and his eyes darkened. "You know why!? It's because of YOU! You left and so now I have a PATHETIC WOLF! It's your fault. IT'S ALWAYS YOUR FAULT!" He roared back and his while pack submitted.

I was so busy trying not to kill the twat in front of me that I only just noticed Brittany sneaking up behind me. I spin around to face her. She had an evil look in her eyes while Sarah was trying to take control and stop her. This isn't gonna go well for you 'your highness'! I've seen Angel fight, she scares me sometimes!

But Brittany being Brittany fought for control and won. She then lunged at me, shifting in mid air. I groaned at this tiny annoyance and punched her in the face so she went flying. That's when I felt a sharp pain in my arm to see a big grey wolf with its jaws in my fleash. Who's wolf it that?

Asher's. It's Asher's wolf. I thought Asher's wolf was bigger than that. He was. Jake was his name but he cut communication with Asher after he rejected us because he was just about powerful enough. Oh ok well tell Asher's wolf and Sarah that no harm will come to them, only Asher and Brittany.

Let the fun begin. I made a shield around Sandy and Jake to prevent them from getting hurt and I kicked Asher in the gut making him release me. I then healed the wound. Brittany then showed up and bit my leg and Asher bit my arm making me wince while they dragged me to the floor. Why can't I fight properly today? I think being near Asher has made an emotional difference. Uhhh why does he always have to ruin everything.

I then shifted making them let go of me and everyone stared. I healed the wounds while I stood up tall in all my glory. My wings streched out and let out a roar of anger snapping the pack back to reality. Without warning, I flapped my wings and leap-flew to Asher and I bit his side so it would take at least a few days to heal fully. He roared in pain and shifted back into a human in his birthsuit. Ewwwwww! I know right.

Turning towards Brittany, I slowly stalked her even though she could see me as clear as daylight. My tail flicked in anticipation but before I pounced, I felt a tingle pain in my leg. Too me, it was a little annoyance so I pounced, my 6 foot tiger easily knocking over her 5 foot wolf. No offence Sarah! I felt another pain in my other leg but ignored it.

I bit Brittany's leg, making her howl in pain. I was about to bite her other leg when I felt a big pain in my neck. At least they learnt their lesson! Was the last thing I thought before everything went black.

I guess the next update is today. I felt like writing this chapter straight after the previous one because I had so may ideas swarming my head I I had to write them down! Thanks for reading!

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