Chapter 11

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"Hello, I'm Dr

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"Hello, I'm Dr. Jinki from the Department of Psychiatry."

Yes. I went to a Psychiatrist. One reason, why I didn't want my mom to come with me.

"Doc, I really need your help. Recently, I keep seeing things. It's about Goryeo Dynasty. Ang I saw myself with a girl that I just met a few days ago."

"Goryeo Dynasty? It's weird. Some people who had visions sees the future but how come you see the past? Sit here first and.........."

"Baekhyun? Baekhyun are you listening?"


As the discussion and the procedures goes on, I stopped and think for a moment. What is he saying? They are not visions? They are memories? What nonsense-- That's it. It's wrong for me to visit a psychiatrist in the first place!


"I think you're not seeing visions Baekhyun."

"If not visions, what is it?"

"I think they're your memories."

"Wait. Haha. That's a funny joke."

"I'm being serious here Mr. Byun."

"Please stop the joking right now. It's giving me creeps"

"I'm saying the truth. I can't seem to explain this unbelievable happenings but it only comes up with this answer. When I told you describe each person you saw in your vision, you seem to get every detail about their looks. It looks exactly the same in the portraits in the Museum"


I decided to leave the hospital as soon as I can. It didn't help. It just made me more ugh. What nonsense is he talking about!? Ah jinja. Me? Wang Eun? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. ahaha hehe. Ah molla! I want to forget about it! I'll go to the arcade. Let's go Hyun!


(Such a boring update is it? Haha Lol. Bear with it please.)

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