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Thank u for following me back!!!! i love u diana !! ur so beautiful and I wish im you! U gave me such inspiration just ignore those haters alright???!!


Aw ur so sweet

I love u too alright!

Thnk u and i bet ur beautiful too inside out alright?? I love u so much


And NOT TO forget I ship u and Daniel!!

His recent story oml its just so cute of him to show his love towards u



We're just friends

Like im just a fan and his my favourite member from wdw !


Aww u guys should be together alright!


Haha in my dreams

But thank u sweetheart!

This literally made me smile widely from ear to ear. Im really grateful for this sweet girl. I decided to upsate my Instagram. I scroll through my Photos. I pick one that I just took this morning.

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Dianablue this was just now morning pics #bareface

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Iloveseavey @seaveydaniel

Whydontwemusic @seaveydaniel

Seaveydaniel u are beautiful babe!

Hater101 wth slut

Hater22 ur so ugly with and without makeup

Jackaverymusic @hater101 @hater22 u guys r blind -.- shes beautiful okay???

Imzachherron damn gurl

Dianablue @hater101 @hater22 u guys have no right to judge me like that. @jackaverymusic didn't know ur so sweet @imzachherron yo @seaveydaniel I love u
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Jack dm me and ask me for my number but he didn't tell me the reason why. I guess its for Daniel or something I don't know.

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