As we pull into Graceland I notice that theirs a girl on the porch of Graceland. "who's the chick?"i ask and look at Elvis. "Well grace that's ma wife Priscilla" he smiles"we got married last year".We pull up in front of Graceland and charlie gets out first ,then Elvis ,then me Priscilla looks at me.

"Oh great Elvis u got more help for around the house" she tosses a bag of Landry at me and hits me in the face "can u wash them for me shorty?"

I an angry look on my face " OK listen here Priscilla i ain't doin' nothin' i ain't no ones fu--" charlie grabs my waste and puts has hand over my mouth and holds me "be nice to Priscilla grace" he says in my ear.

"um.. cilla that's not a helper she ma friend Grace we new each other for ever until i got famous then we lost contact." Elvis smiles "shes just here to visit now apologise for hitting her face cilla". Priscilla looks at me "I'm sorry. I'm Priscilla" she smiles.

Charlie was still holding me and his hand over my mouth so I stick my tongue out. He removes his hand from my mouth and wipes it on his pants.

"nice to meet you Priscilla" . Charlie lets me go and grabs my bags "charlie set them down please I got them"

. I walk over to Elvis and whisper in his ear "I'm gonna go to a hotel so theirs no trouble OK".

He looks at me and says "ill have charlie drive u to one ok?". He tosses charlie some keys "take her to a hotel then take her to supper" Elvis winks at charlie which is now bright red.

We walk over to a car and i put my bags in the back seat, then i get in the passenger front seat. "Why is your face red charlie" i ask at he gets in. He is still red. I run my fingers softly down his cheek and watch him get goose bumps. Without me noticing Elvis walks over to my window and makes a funny face. charlie looks at him and stars laughing.

"whats so funny?" i turn to look at my widow and get frightened by Elvis i do a quick scream and hug charlie and beery my head in his chest. Charlie hugs me back laughing even more . I step out of the and find Elvis on the ground laughing. He stands up and walks toward the house i follow him. I kick him in the ass and try to run but her spins around and picks me up."Put me down you know im afraid of highs!!!!!" i yell. He smiles and puts me upside down and my dog tags from the army fell on the ground. Charlie walks over still laughing picks them up and looks at Elvis "E, put her down and come here" Elvis sets me down and walks over to charlie. "Grace?where did you get these?" I salute Elvis and smile " i did my share of the army but got sent back. i have to go back in 1 week". charlie looks at me with a sad look " A-Ade's soldier. Why didn't u say anything before?"

I look down "cause i am afraid to go back" I shake my head "c-can u just bring me to a hotel charlie i don't wanna talk about this".  I walk to he car and sit in the passenger seat. Charlie walks over and  gets in the car and we take off. Charlie hands me my tags and we pull into a hotel parking lot. I get a room and get my bags and put them in my room then i notice i have a piano in my room so i decide to play random notes.As I'm playing Charlie walks in and listens to me sing and play. I stop playing and start again but now playing and singing "and i love you so" by Elvis. 

"And yes i know how lonely life can be.

the shadows follow me 

and the night won set me free

but i don't let the evening let me down

now that you'er around"

After I finish the song I hear charlie whisper "does Elvis know you sing"? I shake my head and take off a silver bracelet that says hopeful and my dog tags and i throw them over my shoulder hard enough that they hit Charlie pretty hard. All of a sudden i hear "ouch ,son of a bitch!".

I cough "I love it when people come in without knockin" I stand up and Charlie throw the tags and bracelet back and i dodge them.

Later on that night Elvis comes over and we talk. After a few hours of talking I get tired  "Ok so it's late and I need sleep Imma just lay here care to join?"Charlie runs over and lays next to me.

Elvis hands me a few pills "Here hey'll help u sleep Grace" I take the pills and just lay their. A few minutes later I start to get tired so i hugged charlie and put my head on his chest. He hugs back "Good night Gracie" Elvis says as he leaves.

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