Chapter 6: Get up Natsu

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You walked out of the room and into the guild watch spot

" Hey guys I'm back," you said

" You should be resting," Levi said

"I'm fine," you said sitting down

It was double battles

Then you started to think, you though sting and rouge were your friends

Then Levi sat next to you

" Whats wrong (Y/N)"levy asked

"Oh nothing," you said

"I know somethings wrong, tell me," Levy said

" Fine.......... it's just.......I thought rouge and sting were my friends" you said

"WHAT"everyone in the guild that was there

"You were friends," everyone said

"Yeah, see rouge was the same, he wouldn't really talk, but Sting was really nice and kind ..............he's so different when the grand magic games started," you said

"Hmm... Maybe he likes you" happy teased

" Wanna say that again," you say with sound waves around your hand

" No ma'am" happy responded

Then you looked at Sting

Then he looked your way, and you turned your face to the battlefield with a little blush

Then sting blushed and looked at the battlefield

(Time skip)

Next was Sting and Rogue vs Gajeel and Natsu

You stared at the field


Then Natsu got a chill down his spin

"Too bad, it would have been interesting to fight you and (Y/N)" he said

" Nah, if she were here, you would of lose now," Natsu said

"What did you say," he said annoyed turning his head towards you with a dumbfounded expression

You didn't react and brushed the stare off

" you know what, let's place a bet" sting offered turning his head to his opponents.

" like the others sure, but what kind of bet" Natsu questioned narrowing his eyes

"If we win, we get the melody and the sky maiden to join our guild" sting claimed

" what are they desperate for girl dragon slayer" Natsu whispered to Gajeel

"How the heck should I know" Gajeel shot back at Natsu annoyed

"And if you win, rogue and I will de your personal punching bags" sting finished

"Deal" Natsu responded with an idiotic smile

Everyone was shocked that they agreed to the deal" WHAT DID YOU JUST BET ME AND WENDY, AFTER THIS MATCH I'LL KILL YOU" you shouted enraged, you were so mad a vein was showing on your forehead

"You think I won't win" Natsu shouted in response.

"THAT'S NOT THE POINT" you shot back even more raged

Then the match began

you know Natsu will win, he has to

" Hey (Y/N) is that true" levy asked

"What" you respond

"That if you were on the battlefield, you would win straight away," she said

"Ssshhh, it's a secret," you said winking

You watched and cheered

" GOOOOOO, NATSUUUUUU" you shouted

Then you heard their conversation

then they activated their drives

Then you started eating minerals again

Then you saw rouge and sting start winning

"NATSU" you screamed

"GAJEEL" you also screamed

"A magic circle," you said to yourself

You were getting worried

Then Natsu punch sting in the fave

Then they started getting cocky

" SHOW THEM NATSU" you screamed

You feel their magic power

" NNNAAASTTTUUU" you scream as he goes hit with stings strongest move

Tears fell down your eyes

Then the smoked moved, and he was still there

Tears fell down your face of joy and relief

You smiled you see them winning again

But then they stood up again

"What are they doing," you said

Then you could fell the amount of power from sting and rouge

"No," you said worried

Then they started fighting again

They made a hole in the floor

"NATSU, GAJEEL" you screamed

You wanted to jump in and help, but you couldn't


Then they stood up

You had mixed feelings

Them Natsu and Gajeel started squabbling

Then Natsu ditched Gajeel by pushing him in a wagon and pushing it to the mine

"GOOOOO, NATSU" you screamed at the top of your lungs

Then you saw unison magic you got worried again

You stood up

Then rouge and sting collapsed

Then you ran as fast as you could to the arena entrance to the battlefield

You waited there for him

You saw him and hugged him

"Don't scare me like that again?" you said

" Don't worry I won't?" he said

Then everyone came and congratulated him

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