Chapter 5: Water Battle

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your back at the inn

They told you and Natsu off you doing that then a pillow fight happen you were all fired up

But the Lucy hit Erza with a pillow by accident

" The next person who hits me is dead," she said

(Time skip)

It was the next day

You saw Erza fight all 100 in the pandemonium

"GOOD ERZA" you shouted

She defeated 99 monsters

(Skip battle)

Miliana vs Giant Camus

Winner: Miliana

(Skip battle)

Rufus vs Eve

Winner: Rufus

(Skip battle)

Laxus vs Lexy

Winner: Laxus

(Skip battle)

Wendy vs Chelia

winner: Tie

(Skip time)

( by the way ace has been with the other cats )

It was the next day

You entered the water

Ready for anything

"Let's do this," you said

They banged the gong

"Open gate of the water barrier" she summoned

Then Aquarius made a water tornado

"Hn, my turn, sound dragon cyclone," you said as you place your palms next to each other then a cyclone appeared at your palms

The cyclone hit the water tornado

" We're even, " she says

" I won't lose," you said

" Ok this is taking way to long I'm out of here," Aquarius said

" What but I need you, what is more, important than winning," Lucy asked

"My man" she responds

Then she left

" Summon all you want Lucy, nothing will change," you said

" Careful, she's incredibly powerful," said Lucy

You kept throwing cyclones at her

" I have to stop wasting time, I'll push you all out at ones, its smart to go out, it's painful," you said

"Sound dragon, shards of sound," you said performing the spell

Suddenly glowing light coming out of your body and started spinning in a circle and expanding

You got three of the participates out, but two left.

You got your focus, you block a kick from Minerva, but suddenly an explosion pushed you out of the water

"Ahhh" you felt the pain and felt, out of the water

Then you looked in the water "LUCY" you screamed

You saw her being tortured by Minerva, she wouldn't let lucy free from the pain

Then Minerva was holding her out of the water

You tried to run to her, but you slipped and fell, because of the pain, but you kept trying " LUCY."

Then Minerva let go of Lucy

"Lucy hang in there," you said struggling to run

"Lucy," you said under your breath

You stood up in rage ready to fight sabertooth

Natsu, Erza, grey and you were ready to fight

On the other side were Minerva, sting, Rufus and Ogar

natsu and sting were about to get at it, but Erza stopped them

( time skip )

You were in the infirmary with Lucy, you were more worried about Lucy

Everyone was there

"Any word on Lucy's condition," Juvia asked

" Is she awake?" Mira asked

"She's awake" happy said

Tears fell down your eyes

"I'm *sobbing* sorry Lucy," you said

Everyone stared at you

"If I *sobbing* stayed strong back there*sobbing* I could have helped you, and this wouldn't have happened" you sobbed

" Mmmm its ok (Y/N), if you stayed in the water nothing would change, you would just get hurt like me" she assured

" But I feel like it's my fault," you said tears running down your eyes faster

Then Natsu hugged you

" You did your best, it ok," your brother said

"Thanks, big bro," you said

"Sorry guys," Lucy says

"Why you apologising," Natsu asked letting go of you

"Because I screwed up again" she answered

" Are you kidding, second place is nothing to be sorry about" grey reassured

"We got eight points in that round" Wendy said

"Yes good job," Erza said

Then they said they would complain and threaten the sabertooth

Then the master walked in and said the two teams have to be joined, but only five members are allowed

Then you saw your bag on the bed table

Everyone left

You grabbed your bag and took two potions

"Here Lucy drink this," you said

"Mmm what am I," she said holding the potion

"It's a healing potion, it will make you recover faster," you said

You and here drank it

Then the explosion pain went away

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