Chapter 4: Taste of Fairy Tail

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you were on a balcony with Lucy, Yukino, Wendy and Natsu

"Lucy there is something want to discuss with you," said Yukino with a sad expression not giving eye contact.

" Your guild sent you to mess with use of something," Natsu asked with annoyance

"Don't be rude?" you said you spat

"Let's hear her out," Wendy said calming down Natsu

" I realised this is out of the blue, but please take these, I want you to have them," she asked putting her celestial keys on the table

" What," said Lucy surprised and shocked

" No way I couldn't please think this through," said Lucy rejecting the offer

" I have" she shot back

Then she explained

after talking Yukino left and a few minutes later Natsu forgot to tell Yukino something, so he ran after her you came as well

"Hey wait up," Natsu said

" Lisen for a second please," you said

then she stopped

" You actually stopped, I guess your not such a bad person after all," said Natsu

" Natsu, you can't say that," you said

" Hang on Natsu, you can't say that because she's in another guild, I thought you were bigger than that Natsu" happy said

" Duh, that's why I can here to apologise, dummy," he said to both of you

"Apologies," she said

Then Natsu and happy started squabbling

" You followed me out here just to apologise to me," she asked

"Well yeah, apologising would seem to help, cuz you feel down in the dumps, but when I think about it, following you all the way here seem a bit creepy," he said itching his neck

" No your very kind," she said bowing

Then she started crying

" Are you ok, whats the matter?" you asked

" What did I do this time, please stop crying," he asked panicking

" Whatever he did' I'll fix it" happy said

"ahahh*sobbing* I can't take it your so nice to me" she sobbed falling to her knees.

Then she confessed that she was kicked out of sabre tooth because of one defeat at the grand magic games.

Then you got mad, but you saw the rage in nature's eye, you knew what he was going to do.

And he said that sabertooth shouldn't even be called a guild

he ran to the Sabertooth guild's inn and broke in, causing a ruckus

you ran after him planning to stop him and calm him down, you ran in front of him

" Where are your master, tell me" Natsu shout breaking in

"Natsu calm down, they're not worth it," you said trying to stop him, by pushing him back

" If you have something to say to me, then say it," the master said to nasty and you

" Your the master of these sorry bunch, So its one loss and you're out on the street, huh," Natsu asked

" Those are some hardcore rules pal," he said

"Let's see if you play by them," he said

"Natsu stop " you begged to try to restrain him

"you should listen to that girl, pathetic needing a puny woman to protect you" the guild master spat

" wha'd you say" you hissed turning around with disgust

Fire surrounded Natsu's hand and sound waves yours

" If you lose to me you gotta quit the guild to" Natsu declared

"They're from fairy tail," Rufus said worriedly

" Yeah, but why," said Sting

" You don't wanna mess with our master you runts," Ogar said

" Their gonna get murdered," said Lector

" Did you really come here to challenge me, very foolish?" the master said

" I can back here to teach you not to turn your back on people, you're supposed to care for," said Natsu

" Hey dodengal, deal with these intruders," the master said

" Yes sir," he said

" I'll deal with this guy, go get him Natsu," you said.

" Letting women fight your battles you must be a coward," a man said

" Nah, she's leaving the real deal to me," he said

Dodengal charged at you, but you dodge every move

Then he threw smoke bombs on the floor

But you use you punched the floor to activate your mind map

You sensed him in the air and dodged all the things he was throwing at you

" (Y/N) YOU GOOD" he asked fighting the others

You jumped out of the smoke and kicked the air in the direction he was in

Everyone was confused on what you did, and then you smirked

Suddenly Dodengal flew backwards really fast and smashed against the wall

" What the hell" someone in the guild said

" H-how did she do that" Rufus asked

( you did this by kicking then air releasing a powerful sound wave from your leg, and it hit Dodengal, making him fly backwards)

Suddenly everyone got scared of you and Natsu

" She just took out one of the strongest guys in the guild like he was nothing" lector said

" Master I'll take then," sting said

You looked surprised to see sting

"You'll stay out of this," the master of sabertooth said

Then Natsu charged at the master

" No one in my guild has that type of spirit, its interesting" the master said blocking Natsu's move

You got ready to back up Natsu and fight the other team members

" But the spirit is not enough," Master Jimmy said

And the master pushed Natsu back, but then Natsu punched him in the stomach

You smirked more

Turning your head to sting and rouge, then turning back

Then Natsu made the master look like a punching bag

But then a woman blocked and stopped the fight between Natsu and the master

sound waves surrounded your hands ready to battle

All the people in the guild stepped back in fear

" Minerva," the master said

" Mi'lady," said Sting

" Certainly, you'll agree, this quarrel has gone too far," she said

" How dare you get in my way," the master said

"Understand father, you could easily defeat this man, so I'm not doing it for your sake father," she said

"You're his daughter," he asked

She had happy hostage

You de-activated the sound wave 

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