Chapter 2: Fairy Tail B

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The next day

You were at the arena waiting for team fairy tail

Then you heard about Wendy being attacked while touring the castle and ran to the infirmary

You knock the door open

"Wendy, are you ok," you asked worriedly

But Wendy was asleep, so you tiptoed out and closed the door gently

You ran to your opening at the grand magic games

"Hey where were you last night, Juvia had to take your place," Gajeel asked annoyed

"sorry, I forgot and dozed off, I won't do it next time" you apologised

"don't do it next time," Gajeel said

You were on a team with Mystogan, Gajeel, Laxus and Mirajane

You walked out of the entrance with your team," fairy tail B."

It was priceless to see the faces of Natsu and grey seeing your team

Then the judges explained what was happening

"This is a big load of crap if I fight anyone of you I'm not holding back" he started walking forward

"I wouldn't have it any other way," Gajeel said pushing his forehead against Natsu's

" Careful Natsu, I'm not holding back" you smirk, walking up to them

Then Natsu got a chill down his spine

"Frankly, I'm glad I'm on (Y/N) team, I can't imagine the terror of fighting her," said Laxus

" What the madder you look terrified," Mira said to Elfman

" Its because I am" Elfman respond looking terrified

You started smiling and getting excited

Then they announced caber tooth, and you were surprised to see sting and rouge

" Well this is going to be fun" you shouted

Then they explained what to do and whats happening

The first round was called hidden, you said you could do it, so they let you and participate in the game.

When they prepared the game, you were amazed at how they prepared

You were wondering what to do

But then they explained how it works

Then the challenge started

You walked around the lookalike on the battle

You punched the floor to activate the spell

"Sound dragon track," you said in your head

( sound dragon stack makes an alive and active map in your mind and, it keeps track of the people in your area and also if there was person traced on your mind map you will keep track of them until you deactivate this spell)

And fortunately, you had a map in of the whole arena in your mind and all the participants

You walked to where ever Eve was since he was the weakest

You found eve

"So here you are, nice snow attack, but you need to do better than that," you said and walked up to him

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