Chapt# 2

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Recap. They get sent to the principles. Emma asked Brian to skip and that's pretty much it.


Come on Brian so we can ditch and head for my car. He could get his later he lived close and mine was less conspicuous.

" Emma???? Are you okay?" He asked me as I almost fainted. If he hadn't been hugging me close to him I would have.

" Maybe I should go home, do you mind taking me Brian?" I asked.

He looked at me then nodded.

Did I look that bad? I mean I am beautiful. I felt like a mess.

Maybe I should use one of Mia Pregnancy thingies. At least just to make sure. And lets hop that I am so wrong. I mean I am to young and would I be able to try out for cheerleading next year? Would I just get rid of my baby? Would I have to tell my parents? Only if I was keeping it. I could just use my gold card to pay for the abortion.

I sat in the passengers seat of my car, I had handed Brian the keys. I only kept with me when I went to gym. Everything else was in my car. Since I had Lunch before this.

When I got home I thanked Brian and ran to my sisters room.

I took a thing and tested myself.

When I looked down at it I screamed. I was Pregnant with Brian's baby. What was I going to do. I ran back outside. To find Brian sitting on the step.

I pulled him into the house and held him close to me.

" Brian I am going to take a trip for a year, and I will see you soon," I told him a lie. God I lied to him about his kid. How was I going to keep this a secret. I could stay in our house in Illinois, maybe. That would work.

I packed my stuff and put it in the car. Then grabbed a water bottle and hit the road. I got to the house about an hour in a half later.

I had gotten 3 worried calls from Brian and a call from Mia.

There was one bright side to this I wasn't going to have to see Mia for a while. I checked in with the local hospital and got everything figured out. Me being seventeen they said they weren't going to waist the time calling my parents. I got everything squared out for when I have the baby. Plus check-ups with a baby doctor. Not sure what they are called. Well I did learn at one point I just totally forgot. I didn't think I would need the name so soon. I laid on my bed thinking of what I was going to do.

A little while latter I called Brian back.

" Hey Brian, its me Emma give me a call when you get this message I just wanted to let you know I am safe and I love you," I told the answering machine.

How was I going to tell him he was a father? That was the real question.

Mia was going to be pissed.



" Emma you have to push," Doctor Bickle told me.

1,2,3 push. I thought to myself.

Finally when I got it out, it was a she. I named he Alexis Grace Wenderson. She was beautiful just like her mother. I am I mother. I can raise her, she is mine.


1 year later

I had bought everything I needed for her and put it in the spare room of the house. It was really lonely here. I was going to have to go back soon. I was going to have to face my parents, Mia, and Brian.

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