I'm in love with my sis' BF? WTH and i am having his kid

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9 months earlier.

I know my sister and her boyfriend Brian are making out downstairs right now. Thankfully in her bedroom. I knew Brian liked me, but how do you tell your sister her boyfriend likes you? I mean things like this don't normally happen, and they shouldn't.

" Emma, get down here!" I heard my sister Mia call from downstairs.

Now what did she want, she might be older but I don't have to listen to her. I know she calls me all the time.

I went downstairs to see what she wanted anyway.

" What do you want Mia?" I asked her anger was in my voice. She had interrupted my Video log to my boyfriend who was in France. I missed my sweet Damon.

" I have to go but Brian wants to stay here with you, is that okay? I will be back in like 3 hours." She said meeting my gaze.

" Ya sure whatever. Just as long as he leaves me alone for a little while I'm talking to Damon," I turned and went back to my room

" Sorry baby, my sister is not leaving me alone today." I smiled looking into his perfect grey eyes.

" That's okay, I have to go, but I will talk to latter ok Em?" Damon smiled showing his perfect white teeth.

I turned off my laptop and put it on my dresser. Then I went downstairs to the kitchen to grab some supper.

I dove into the fridge and found some leftover steak from last night. Yes we were rich but our parents were never home.

I found Brian hovering over my shoulder. He was really starting to annoy me. Just because my boyfriend was in France, did not mean I needed him hovering over me 24/7 it was actually really, really annoying me. Though Brian was sort of hot, and too good for my whore of a sister. She had black hair, but she whore more slutty clothes than I have in my wardrobe. Which was a lot, but I tried to dress myself so I could stay popular.

I was the most popular girl in my class year. One because I was rich. Two because I was beautiful to put it lightly. Three I was very, very social. Four older guys hit on me. ( ex Brian)

" What do you want Brian?" I asked him with an irritated tone.

Okay I did kindive like him. I have to admit that. He was Hot and he had abbs. I only know this because he walks around the house with his shirt off half the time. Plus he was a senior and captain of the football team. Me and my sister were a year apart. I was a Junior. I was captain of the cheerleaders, and only because I had years of practice and well I am Well gorges, to put it in Damon's words.

" Oh, come on Emmy, you know I like you," Brian smiled getting really close and pulling me into an embrace. He pulled me against his bear chest. Then started kissing me. I couldn't control myself I started kissing him back and we ended up in my bed. Then he started pulling off my shirt and then he went for my shorts. Then he pulled his off. Well I don't exactly remember what happened after that all I know was that I was enjoying it a lot.

When I woke up in the mourning Brian was laying there with me. We were completely naked. Under my bed covers.

I pulled away from his embrace, remembering I am suppose to get my period soon. I went into the bathroom. After I got dressed.

I found my sister in the living room.

" So why did Brian leave?" She asked me.

" He forgot that he was supposed to do something he wouldn't tell me. We didn't really talk much," I lied trying to figure out why she thought Brian left. Since he happened to be in my room.

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