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Lilac's P.O.V

I held Addison in my arms, rubbing my fingers through her knotted hair. I had cleaned all of the her wounds on her face and wrists. Seeing Addison like I did this morning really scared me. The thought of someone doing this to her made me feel sick. The fact that Kingsley was still out there made me scared. It made me scared that he'd do something to her. That Is never see her again. I felt myself tear up, thinking about someone hurting her. I felt her stir in my arms.

"You Okay," I asked her, helping her to sit up. Her face was bruised and had cuts and swelling in different places. Her lip was busted and her eye black. She was still so beautiful. The bruise brought out the greenness of her eyes in ways I couldn't explain, the swelling showed her clear and smooth skin, her busted lip rough more attention to how perfect her pink lips were.

"What's the time?" She asked, wincing when she rubbed her eyes.

"It's two in the afternoon,"

"Fuck I had work at eleven," she cursed, shooting up from the couch.

"Hey, it's okay," I told her, putting my hands on her shoulders to steady her.

"You have a week off, I've got people filling your shifts,"


"I said your grandma died because I didn't think you'd want me to tell them what really happened,"

"Now they're going to think we're dating," she sighed, running her hands through her hair. I knew what people would say and think. It didn't bother me the slightest. Maybe because I was a senior doctor, but Addison shouldn't let it get in the way.

"Are we?" I asked her, looking into her eyes.

"Dating?" She asked, I nodded. She looked around the room, thinking to herself.

"We've kissed, you obviously like me..." she mumbled, counting on her fingers.

"Addison, please be my girlfriend," I blurted through her mid counting.

"W-what?" She stuttered, her eye opening with surprise.

"I know what people are going to say about us but I honestly don't care. You are my favourite junior doctor, if not my favourite person in the world," I watched a smile form on her face.

"I know it's early days but being with you just feels so right. When you kissed me in the ocean, it just it felt like nothing I could ever put into words. It's like you were a part of me that I never knew existed. It's like-"

"We're meant to be?" She asked.

"Yeah. And even with Kingsley out there, we will figure everything out.
I know I can't kick ass, but I'm known for saving lives and I want to save yours," she winced at me saying his name.

"I'll do the ass kicking, and you can make sure they don't die,"

"So that's a yes?" I smiled, letting my hands fall around her cheeks.

"You tell me robin," she smirked. I pressed my lips to hers and instantly felt my body crave more of her. Every time I kiss her my body wants more. My body wants to kiss all over her body, I want to let my hands roam her body and do things to her that no body else can do. I just want to be with her for as long as I can. Our lips moved in sync. She slowly walked me backwards until my back was against the wall. Her hands had slipped around my back and slid slowly down to my ass. She squeezed it, causing me to squeal. She lifted me up, so my legs were straddling my waist. I pulled away from her.

"You should be resting, not holding me," I panted breathlessly, my lips still tingling from her pink lips.

"So I cant hold you in bed?" She asked, her lips gliding up my jaw. I felt my breath hitch in my thong.

"Or hold you down on the bed?" She whispered, nibbling my ear.

"Or hold your hips down when I pleasure you?" She whispered, sucking on my neck. I couldn't help but moan. My stomach was set alight with butterflies and warmth.

"I'll go rest," she sighed, moving her hands and walking away from me. My hand instantly found my neck where she kissed me. I could feel the warmth and tenderness of the hockey she left. She laid on the couch, looking back at me and smirking. What a tease. When she's better, she's getting payback.


Addison's P.O.V

Lilac told me that I could stay at her place if I wanted to. I didn't particularly want to walk home, because I knew I couldn't defend myself from Kingsley if I could only see out of one eye.

"I can drive you home if you want," she told me, bringing my bowl of ice cream into her living room.

"But then I wouldn't be spending time with you," I shrugged, smiling at her.

"You want to spend time with me huh?" She laughed, lifting her feet onto the couch.

"Yes, tell me about your childhood," I watched a smile form on her face.

"Well I had a happy childhood. Things weren't easy but mum and dad made sure that I got everything that I needed. I may not of got the things I wanted, but they made me realise that the needs we have are more important,"

"So you were pore?"

"In a way, Mum and dad had always dreamed of having their own company and selling their cooking, but the dream died when I was born. Dad got fired from his job and mums pay wasn't enough to support us well. Dad did his best to sell spices and soups in shops and on the streets. Sometimes we had a good meal every day sometimes I was the only one who ate,"

"I'm sorry," I told her. She had a rough bringing up too. I didn't feel sorry for myself or like she had too good of a life. I couldn't compare out lives. We had different situations and lifestyles. I didn't feel sorry for her, I was intrigued.

"So when I turned thirteen I had two jobs to help support the family, and them after I studied my doctorate and earned some money, I brought them a lot and furnished it for their dream company. I found the company plans in their draw and built it without them knowing,"

"How'd they take it?" I asked, a smile on my face.

"They cried. Happy tears of course, and they said they'd pay me back every cent,"

"Have they?" She shook her head.

"I told them that growing up paid for the company. They fed me, kept me clothed and warm, they gave me water, shelter and a place to call home. I got an education and I was the happiest child growing up,"

"They showed me what true happiness is and even if kids picked on me, I knew who truely loved and made me happy. Like I do now," she smiled, holding my hands in hers.

"I make you happy huh?"

"Happiest I could possibly be," she smiled.

"I mean, I'm not sad around you," I shrugged, earning a playful slap.

"Of course you make me happy. You make me safe, valued and ai feel like I can be my true self around you," I pulled her into my arms and hugged her tight.

"You changed me for the better, you proved me wrong, but there are still things to prove," I told her, looking at her.

"There are so many things I think about myself. I think I'm a monster, I'm not romantic, I have trouble opening up-"

"Addison, you are not a monster,"

"I killed someone, I hurt people, I hurt myself-"

"You're not a monster because of those things Addison! You are such a beautiful woman. You have a kind heart under all of that assholeness. You are defiantly not a monster,"

"But I'll never forgive myself for killing her Lilac," I felt the tears welling in my eyes.

"Tell me," she whispered, her lips pecking mine. I felt myself calm down. She made me vulnerable. She made me open up. She made me feel like it's okay to talk about things. She makes me feel safe.

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