𝙫. 𝙩𝙧𝙞𝙘𝙠 𝙤𝙧 𝙩𝙧𝙚𝙖𝙩, 𝙛𝙧𝙚𝙖𝙠

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( chapter five: trick or treat, freak )


the smooth mask of a baby face was in macy's hands, as she ran her fingers through the smooth surface. she looked over to her step-sister, who had her own mask. her mask was a plain beige mask with hair and her toy knife.

macy hopped onto her own bike, with max skateboarding down the road with her. they were now on the way to the maple street cul-de-sac, only an hour later than 7 on the dot.

as the two walked down the empty road with darkness filling in above them, they walked in silence.

"you know," max started, "you're not so bad, mace."

macy smiled at max's words. "you're not so bad either, maxy."

"don't call me that! that sounds stupid," the two were in a fit of laughter, walking down in all black and their masks in their pale small hands.

the boys knocked on a neighbors door, trying to receive decent halloween candies and chocolates to trade off later that night. various other children with their parents were out trick or treating to have fun on this annual celebration.

will was supposed to be accompanied by his older brother jonathan, but he had allowed him to go by himselves with mike, dustin and lucas. as long as he was back at mike's home at 9. as for where jonathan went, he attended the high school halloween party at a classmate's house. filled with alcoholic, horny teenagers his age.

"trick or treat!" the four ghostbuster boys exclaimed once the door in front of them opened. each one had a pillow case big enough to fit over 100 full sized bars.

the door opened to reveal an older woman, with a bright smile on her face. she smiled at the cute younger boys, reminding her of herself with other kids when she was their age.

a bowl full of small candies and chocolates were in the woman's hands, "aw well aren't you cute? the little exterminators."

the boys looked at the woman in disappointment as she called them exterminators; when they clearly were ghostbusters. they all reached into the bowl and grabbed a handful of candies, and receded away from the home.

lucas sighs as they all walk in a group, "if i get another 3 musketeers i'm gonna kill myself."

"what's wrong with 3 musketeers?" dustin questioned in disbelief. mike and will stayed silent.

"'what's wrong with 3 musketeers?'" lucas restated.

mike butted in, "no one likes 3 musketeers."

"yeah, it's just nougat." it was will's turn to join in on conversation. dustin scoffed at the comment as they all stepped through the crunchy leaves beneath them.

"whoa. 'just nougat'" dustin replied. "just nougat? it is top three for me."

mike and will both gave each other a look, their two best friends arguing over some stupid chocolate. "top three?" lucas said.

"top three!" dustin exclaims.

mike rolled his eyes, "oh god. give me a break!" referring to lucas and dustin's conversation topic.

macy and max were a little over five feet away from the boys, hiding with their black clothing wear with only their masks on. macy nudged max's arm and pointed to the ghostbusters.

max smirked under her mask, but macy obviously couldn't see it.

"i bet you lucas will scream like a little girl," max whispered, walking closer to the group on the sidewalks.

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