Chapter 5: Accident or not?

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Jennie's Pov

After I explained the whole situation, they seemed to understand. I was thankful that they were on my side now, and I gained their full support.

Right now since we have nothing to do after practice, I bid goodbye to my members and took a leisure walk. I loved taking long walks like this, they make me think deep and help me make sorts of decisions. Like now, I already walked an hour from our building into the subway train station. Of course, I got some money in case I get hungry and my cellphone in case I got lost.

Right as I was walking, I was getting curious on a small crowd of people who seemed to be looking at something. I approached them, pulling my cap lower before walking to them.

They were staring at a girl who threatens that she will commit suicide if her family won't give her what she wants. The people were not helping, their just taking a video. Gosh, what's wrong with this people?

The girl was dressed in casual clothes, pink sweater and dark blue jeans alongside with a white cap on her head. She was crying I could tell, and there was something familiar with her.

As soon as she spotted me, her eyes held with rage glared at me. There was a nearby train that was coming and thankfully the people were trying to let her off the rails.

I was distracted by my phone ringing to see my boyfriend calling me. I answered it immediately.

"Hello?" -me

"Ahh... I miss that voice so much. Jagiya...Where are you?" Hearing his soft voice makes my heart melt.

"I'm just here around the subway, taking some of my leisure walks. I am free right now so-Ahhh!!!" I screamed because the familiar girl was strangling my throat.

"I never thought I'd see you again here Jennie. Well, time to take revenge!" She said and pushed me over the railings and I saw a train drawing closer. I was too slow to move and react and before I knew it, I was hit by the goddamned train and I could feel my insides jumbling, my muscles aching and my some of my bones braking.

Is this how I die? How can life be so cruel?

Moving on to Chanyeol's Pov

I was done filming my part on our music video for a comeback when I decided to call my Jagi. I miss her so much and even if we're forced to not to meet because of management, it doesn't mean we're over. I won't let her go. And she will fight with me.

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Hello?" -Jennie

"Ahh... I miss that voice so much. Jagiya...Where are you?" I asked her sweetly.

"I'm just here around the subway, taking some of my leisure walks. I am free right now so-Ahhh!!!" I heard her scream and a lot of loud noises were heard. I immediately panicked.

"Hello? Jennie-yah! Answer me? Hello? What happened? Jennie-yah!!!" I yelled but the phone call was ended.

"Hyung, I heard you yelling. Is there something wrong?" Kai asked as he came over to me.

"Jennie-yah was screaming before the phone call ended. I think something happened to her. Come with me now ppali!" I said and before he had a time to react, I had grabbed his arm and dragged him.

"Wait! Where are yu going? Kai's not finished with his part yet!!" Suho said as he saw us leaving.

"It's an emergency ppali! Just come with us." And the same thing happened to Suho as I dragged both of them. They weren't heavy due to my adrenaline rush.

I pushed them inside my car and tracked Jennie's phone which led us to the subway. As we got there, there were a large crowd and some police and medics were there too. We covered ourselves with anything we found on our car and headed out.

We successfully sneaked from the police's watches and I saw MY Jennie being carried to the ambulance. She was very different looking due to a lot of blood that was there.

"Excuse me, are you three related to the patient?" A nurse came up to us.

"Ne. I am her boyfriend." I said and turned to Suho and Kai.

"Go to YG building and inform them about Jennie. The media isn't here yet so it's unlikely that they know about her condition." I told them and they nodded.

"What about her hospital?" Suho asked.

"It's *******." The nurse said politely and escorted me to the ambulance.

On the way, I was holding unto Jennie's hand tightly. Even if she's laying lifeless here, It's no doubt she's still a  goddess. But still, it worries me that she's

We arrived on the hospital shortly and I watched as they took her to the ER.

"Wait, what happened?" I asked them as they forbid me to enter the room.

"Just wait here Park Chanyeol-ssi." The nurse said since she recognized me.

12 minutes later, I was still waiting and I could see in a distance were Blackpink members, their manager and Mr. Yang Hyun-Suk.

"What happened? Where's Unni? Is she good?" Lisa said as she was shaking me so violently but since I am a patient person, they took her off from me.

"Lisa-yah! How can he explain when ur shaking him like he's a bottle of medicine?" Jisoo said and Lisa immediately bowed.

"Kwenchana. She's on the ER and they didn't allow me in." I explained.

"Thank you for being with her and rushed her here. But how did you know she got into an accident?" Mr. Yang asked me

"I called her since I am free and she said she was on the subway taking walks around and I heard her scream with other loud noises before her phone shut down so I tracked her phone." I said and his eyes softened for a moment.

"Come with me Chanyeol-ssi." Mr. Yang said and I followed him.

"Listen, I appreciate what you did to Jennie. I admit, I was against you two first since it might be a distraction on Jennie's career. I see all my trainees and idols as my children and value them so much. I noticed that Jennie worked harder than before when she said she'll fight for your relationship. It was a nice observation that despite my warnings and threatenings, she stood and fought for the both of you. I thought about it many times and I won't interfere with your relationship with her anymore." He said and I smiled. We are now legal!!!!!!
We don't have to hide from them anymore!!! Now I'm excited to tell Jennie this. My beloved Jagiya....

"I'll be going now. I still need to fix Winner's schedules." He said and walked away.

I returned to the waiting area smiling ear to ear and I swear I can feel my lips tearing but I don't care.

"Uh, Chanyeol Sunbae. What happened?" Rosè asked me curiously.

"Drop the Sunbae and just call me Oppa. Mr. Yang just approved our relationship! I can't wait till Jagi wakes up." I told them.

"Waaahh Jinjja? Daebak!! " Lisa said and congratulated me along with Jisoo, Rosè and their manager.

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