Road trip.🙄😂

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~lexi pov~

I woke up and went to roll on my side when I ran into something.  More like s wall.
"Ughhhh." Groaned the wall. I turned and looked it was Jonah. I tried my best to contain my laughter. I shakily but quietly got out of bed. I tip toed to my dresser and pulled out a nice outfit. I'm going to try my best to fe over what happened and not hurt my family like I already have. I then tip toed again to my bathroom. I placed my out fit on the bathroom counter. I grabbed a fresh towel and started the water. I've always taken long showers because I think too much. I put my sign I made that says "Taking a shower, no disturb." I made this since my siblings kept coming in at the wrong times. I put the sign up and got in the shower. I thought about my dream. What happened last night. And my friends. Oh great now I'm going to loose all of my friends because of this. I watched as the color of the water turned red from the red hair dye. Why did I put that in my hair? I finished and got dressed.

 Why did I put that in my hair? I finished and got dressed

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I brushed my hair and let it air dry. I grabbed my phone and texted the group. Jonah was already out of my room.
Me- hey.
I then walked slowly down the stairs and followed the voices of my family members and ended up in the kitchen. As soon as I walked in it turned silent. All eyes stared at me. I looked at them for a second before getting my breakfast. I got my bowl and spoon and turned to grab the cereal,of course it was high up. See I don't think I mentioned that I'm the shortest one in my family. They make fun of it all the time. I sighed out loud and started to attempt getting the cereal. I was jumping up and down for like a good 5 minutes, before I heard lots of laughter and a pair of arms pick me up. I easily grabbed the cereal and was put down. I quickly turned around and there was Alex.
"Thank you tall person." I told him patting his shoulder. I heard Alex laugh at me. I sat down and made my cereal, I was about to eat it but I looked up. As I predicted all eyes were on me. I sighed and put my spoon down.
" I would really like to enjoy my breakfast without the thought of people watching my every move."I told them all.
"Are you okay though?" Landon asked me. I wanted to cry again. Just thinking about the man makes me want to cry. I have to be brave for them. I looked a them before saying.
"I'm fine."which was not true and I know Jonah could tell. I decided to bring up the baby.
"So Hannah when do I find out if I'm having a little niece or nephew?" I asked her eagerly. Hannah gave me a smile.
"In about 7 weeks!" She exclaimed.
"Have any names yet?" Bree asked her.
"Of course she does. Lexi Jr." I told her all seriousness in my face. Everyone started to laugh at me. When all of a sudden my dad and josh came waking In, in uniforms and holding bags. I looked up at them with a big smile but my smile turned into a frown. I started to tear up.
"Your leaving now?" I stuttered. Everyone looked down at their plates. I felt my stomach dropped. They all knew. They all knew and said nothing.
"You all knew?" I asked hurt in my voice. No one looked up. I put my spoon down again.
"Wow." I shook my head and got up. Josh was about to stop me.
"Yeah I know you both are about to leave soon. I will go pack my bag and get ready for the road trip like last them." They both nodded their head and I ran up the stairs. I heard footsteps and I knew it was Landon and Jonah. I made it to my room and locked the door. I put in headphones and blasted the music so I couldn't here them. I then texted josh.
M-how long do I have?
J-you have 30 minutes.
M-thxs I will be ready by then.
I then set a timer for 30 minuets and started packing. I grabbed my duffle bag and packed 3 outfits and 2 pj's since we most likely are getting a hotel like last time. I packed my camera, hair products, makeup, girl needs, undergarments, a couple of Jonahs sweaters, some books, my beats, and a phone charger. I then packed my purse and put more gum in it. I grabbed one of my blankets and pillows. I then grabbed my new outfit I set out and braided my hair.

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