Chapter 1 : A Loss

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It wasn't easy for your mother.

She was mostly gone the whole day,  she no time to take care of you. After losing her husband everything became  harder. She lost the man she loved so soon. They had only had you after a year of getting married. Your mother could not handle it, her lover and best friend was gone. Your father was in the military has had perished as a brave soldier during war.

Your parents went to the same college and trained together for several years and became best friends. Their chemistry was incredible many friends were pretty jealous over what seemed like the perfect relationship. People would see how your parents would have each others backs through thick and thin. Whenever they got into fights, they would be really plain silly ones which they would make up immediately. About a handful of times your parents have gotten into serious nasty fights, but their relationship grew stronger from them.

After you were born your father surprisingly became very emotionally attached to you. He would love to spend time with you in the late afternoons,  rocking you to sleep and just squishing your puffy chubby cheeks or spin you around the air. Your father took care of you most days especially during the weekends. Your dad was the type of goofy, carefree, and laid back guy and was a comedy king among his friends. He often would leave the house messy, with milk bottles and your toys scattered around the living room with  CD's of his favorite music he like to play all day while he took care of you. He was a real sweetheart and had the biggest soft spot for you and he would protect you at all costs.

He always made sure to take pictures and videos for you to look back at when you're older. Your father made sure to include himself and your mother in videos and pictures, so their "stunning" looks would be recorded forever and when they become old they can look back when they dropped jaws.

Moving on, the other side your mom did not have much time to spend with you after five months of bringing you to the world. In those five months she took care of you as much as she could. Your mom was the type of person to be very precise,stern,and literate when you first meet her. After you REALLY got to know her she was just a huge adorable nerd. Your mom grew a comic book collection that she hopes you read them as you grow up. She really hoped you would be the type of person to just be like her, be a huge nerd and fangirl/fanboy over shows, cartoons,  animes, and boy/girl bands. Your parents seemed very strict when you take a first glance at them but one you got to know them they where just squishy jellyfishes (sorry was that to weird?)

One thing your parents both struggled with, was  family. The family your father grew up with was very abusive. The abuse started when your father was around the age of ten. Your grandmother from you fathers side died due to lung cancer. After that your grandfather went hysterical and took all his anger out through abusing your dad, on top of that he became an alcoholic. Later on when your dad was about twenty, in college he lost his father due to an overdose of medical pills. 

The extended family of your dad's side was not very safe to be around since they all were have drug issues or they where mentally unstable. Your dad did not want anything to do with his extended family when he became an adult.

For your mothers side was pretty straight foward. When she was very young around the age of five her dad left for another woman. It's not like he was there for your mom anyways, he would always be gone partying or drinking at the bar. However when your mother became an adult your grandmother developed health issues. Your grandmother took care of your mother up until she was 19, your mom decided to take a year off school and then head over to college. In your mom's third year of college your grandmother died due to a stroke.

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