Chapter 21

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"You want us to swim into the lake?!" Ja'far and Mystras exclaimed in unison while Sinbad was staring them down. Ja'far looked towards (Y/N), then back to Sinbad. "Did you even think of asking us if we knew how to swim?!"

"That is the only way for us to escape!" He sits on a nearby rock and smirks at the three of them while the others sit on nearby rocks to listen to him. "(Y/N) pointed out that there is what she described to be a 'cave' in the water, so I don't think that this lake comes from a spring. It has a current created by a underground waterway, and I think the water comes up from there to create this lake. If we can reach the waterway, we should be able to follow it to get to another area! Don't worry! I did something like this in Valefor's dungeon. I think it should be the same. I'm sure we'll be fine!"

"Sin, please wait. This isn't a dungeon, and there isn't necessarily a path out of here. Even if we reach the waterway, we have no ides how long we'd need to swim. In the worst case scenario, we'd drown. It's too dangerous. If Hinahoho, who excels at swimming, were here, then maybe. But with just the four of us? Could we really do it?"

"Jaffy, I can create a bubble for us to breathe in while we're down there, so I think I can cover the drowning factor." Ja'far and Mystras look to her in shock.

"That really loud pop a few moments ago was her popping the bubble she had around my head, and I have faith that her magic will be enough for us to get to our destination... You are strong enough to keep that up, right?"

"I hope so! I can always give a que or something when it's about to pop, but I've never swam, so that doesn't help me..."

"I don't have any objections, but like (Y/N), I have never swum either. I do have a swimming aid." After a few moments, Mystras stands proudly with a flotation device made of twigs and leaves. "I've never even been in the river back in Sasan, so I've always really wanted to swim!"

"Are you guys ready?" Sinbad looks over to the three and they all stick their heads in the water, waiting for (Y/N) to create a bubble for them, then makes one for herself. Once she finishes the process, the four of them dive into the water and start making their way towards the cave (Y/N) spotted. Ja'far looked to (Y/N) and saw her struggling to keep up, so he grabbed her hand and she grabbed onto Mystras since he was falling behind too. Sinbad stops for a quick second to evaluate the current, giving Ja'far enough time to grab onto his hair to get his attention. Sinbad turned back to see the three of them struggling, so he grabbed onto Ja'far and Mystras, letting (Y/N) grab onto his shoulders and he swam through the current. Once he reached the surface, the bubbles on their heads popped and the four of them lay on the ground with Sinbad panting, exhausted.

"Sinny, are you okay? Was it hard to carry us through the current?"

"*pant* Slightly. *pant* Your bubble helped." (Y/N) slapped her hands, then looked around when she heard some kind of slithering noise, then started to shake Sinbad roughly. "*pant* Let me sleep."

"Snakes! They're everywhere!" His eyes instantly shot open and picked (Y/N) up off the ground after she threw one off of Ja'far.

"Guys, wake up! There's snakes everywhere!" The other two slowly wake up and sees the snakes surrounding them and followed Sinbad to a ledge. The four of them look over the sea of snakes with Ja'far closely examining them. (Y/N) crouches over by her white-haired friend and looks at his face.

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