Chapter 30 | Impulsive Loyalty

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Sensing the alarm in the mother's face, she said, "Don't worry. We're here to help."then she vanished from her eyesight. The next thing she knew was that her son was in front of her again. She gasped in relief and lowered herself down to his level to hug him.

"Run. Get away as possible."Bianca said to the mother. She nodded and took off with her three children.

Bianca sighed before turning back to the scene. The leader pulled the trigger but another shield of water built up in a split second. Percy removed it and now wearing a solemn expression.

She looked away, knowing she had other duties. She searched the area for civilians before coming across a bunch of children huddling on the body that appeared to be smashed by rocks. They were crying so hard. Bianca swallowed. "Hey, kids. Come on, you need to get away from here."

A boy, barely seven, wiped his dirtied face and asked, "Is she coming with us?"

Bianca frowned, "No, kid. She's going to stay here for now."

The oldest boy, almost 14, stared at Bianca, wondering who she was and why was she helping them. Bianca felt that and looked at him as well. Bianca's breath hitched because he looked a lot like her brother. She had to stop herself from running over to him and hug him.

Although, when Bianca's gaze lingered longer than he thought she would, the oldest boy remembered why she was helping them wasn't important. They needed the help they can get to get away from there.

"Are we gonna see her again?"the little girl sobbed.

The oldest boy held her hand, "No, she's in a safe place."

"But, Nilo, we want her back."a younger boy said.

"Hey, hey!"Bianca called there attention again when the others cried loudly. "All you gotta do is run. Just run. And you'll reach where you need to go."

The older boy nodded to her with watery eyes before gripping the girls hand harder. "Come on. We need to go."


"No! We need to go."he urged on. He looked to Bianca, "Thank you"

Bianca only nodded and the children ran off, most of them in tears. The black haired boy looked back a few moments before running ahead with his sister. Bianca sighed and thought of her own brother before going off to find more civilians. When she saw no one else, she went to near to Percy waited for any signal.

She looked to Percy and coincidently he looked over to her too. She gave him a look and Percy just grimaced at her. She knew he was in for a major punishment later. She shivered at the thought of it.

In the distance, Bianca can see Luke Castellan wearing a royally pissed off look. She shook her head because she knows the reason why. She just braced herself for later and focused to the mission right now.

"-nna break your neck, then feed you to the garou."she heard Callo, the leader, say.

"Yep, not planning on it."Percy replied before kicking him square on the chest. He raised the water behind him and turned them into ice shards. He released them and every single one had a single target.

Bianca looked back to Luke and the others and she saw him nod in another direction. Xiana Wasline nodded back before pressing something in her hands. Bianca, knowing what it was, covered her ears and shielded herself. Bombs went off,  eliminating atleast one fourth of the walesi army in minutes. Bianca looked back and saw Percy covering his ears as well.

A Walesi pointed his gun on his direction even on a groggy state. Percy was looking down so he had no idea. Bianca appeared there in a heartbeat and hit it down, making the bullet hit the ground. She slammed her elbow to his chin. While he stumbled back in pain, Bianca unsheated her dagger and slashed it in his direction.

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