Chapter 30 | Impulsive Loyalty

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Shouts and screams echoed through the lands of Delwas. Fallen debris and water grazed the ground. The seas were raging. The aor was humid and the dark ash covered the skies. People were running about and mothers covered their children.

The ground rumbled from the thunderous footsteps of the Walesi, fish-like creatures but with big feet and sharp teeth. They have massive weapons, used to terrorize any planet they come across. Atleast the hundred of walesi made their way there.

Their steps came to a halt on the clearing. Guns raised and bomb shooters ready to throw. If possible, the screaming and fear got worst by the second. Everyone was scared. Everyone ran away to stay safe. Families got separated along the way. All throughout, the walesi just stayed put. They watched as everyone screamed and ran in fear. Everyone did. Well...


A Yetes child stood on the center shouting defiantly to the walesi. Her mother on the sidelines with her other children cried out in fear. She went to come get her son but stopped when one Waseli pointed to their direction. Fearing the lives of her other children, she hesustantly stayed back.

"Get out of our planet, fish! If you won't, I-I'll fight you!"she heard her son shout.

The clearing was silent for a moment before the waseli turned to each other laughing loudly; mocking the brave little boy. The one on front lowered himself to the height of the boy.

"Silly boy, you'll fight us? You aren't even half our size."he said, making the others laugh harder. "A little boy like you needs some help."he stood up. He held his gun to his chest before pointing it straight to the boy's forehead.

The mother of the child lunged forward but a bullet to the ground near her and her daughter stopped her. She looked helpless and frightened. Frightened not for her but for her children. The other people around who watched the scene unfold hid behind debris or watched from a good distance away. None of them look willing to help.

The boy stared up at the walesi, he looked frighted yet defiant as well, that look could have been admirable if it wasn't life-and-death.

The walesi grinned and his needle-like teeth came to view. "Too bad, you don't have any."

The sound of the gun resounded throughout the place. It was followed by the mother's screams but when they looked again, they saw the boy perfectly unharmed and a shield of water blocking the bullet centimeters from his head.

Everyone was at shock. The leader of the walesi looked furious. He started to look around but the water suddenly moved and took hold of the gun before throwing it away. Then, a splash of water drowsed the waseli, leaving them in a dazed state.

Suddenly, a man appeared in front of the Walesi leader and left a burst of vapor everywhere. He was wearing a black armor that matched his hair. He placed the little boy behind him and faced the Waseli with a lopsided grin. "Hey! Long time no see!"

"Perseus Jackson."the leader growled. "We meet again."

"Oooh, looking good today aren't we? What? Had a make over 'cause you faced the mirror?"he said. "Although, to be honest, it didn't quite make a difference."

The leader growled louder and took the gun of the one beside him and pointed it to the man in front, hoping to frighten him. Unfortunately for him, it didn't work. The man only kept his hard gaze.

Out of the blue, the mother heard a groan. She looked around, waiting for an enemy to attack when a woman emerged from the shadow under the debris. She wore the same outfit as the man. Only the word 'Bianca di Angelo' was sealed in small size on her armor.  The mother pushed her children behind her and faced the woman.

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