10K Special Read [Part 1]

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Hello there! Thank you so much for 10K reads and for 300+ votes. Being honest and all I never expected this. Let's be honest, this what many fanfic authors write lol.

((For some of you the book may say 9.9K but its 10K on my device. Oh well))

I really love your comments! They make my day and some are so funny, I love replying to them. If I haven't replied to yours it means, I've replied to many of your comments you posted in that time frame, eg. 7 comments in 20 minutes. Or I don't know how to reply/ similar comment to the ones I've replied to.

Anyways, I want celebrate with you and if you read my 10K Special you might know what's going on.

We're gonna play the HUNGER GAMES!

Ahahaha.... Assassination... Hunger games.... Wow....

I feel very bad killing 23/24, this is stupid.... They're assassins and doing the Hunger Games *cries*

So I've got the pairings:

District 1: [Nagisa] [Kayano]

District 2: [Kuurochii] [Y/N]

District 3: [Asano][Ren]

District 4: [Okajima] [Terasaka]

District 5: [Itona] [Muramatsu]

District 6: [Sugino] [Kanzaki]

District 7: [Chiba] [Hayami]

District 8: [Maehara] [Koro Sensei]

District 9: [Karma] [Nakumura]

District 10: [Kimura] [Kurahashi] 

District 11: [Isogai] [Kataoka]

District 12: [Karasuma] [Irina]

I've added you in and me! I'm going to die probably and this is using a hunger games simulator. I am very bad at commentating. Each chapter will contain a new day of events.

Which district and person are you going for?

- Kuuro

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