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                       REAL LIFE

isabella sighed walking into the make up trailer seeing dacre just getting done with his mullet

"hey mullet"
isabella laughed sitting in her chair.

"hey bella. you know what today is?"
dacre smirked

the girl looked at him with a questioning look

"we make out today"
he said

isabella laughed rolling her eyes playfully

"you've been dying to make out with me i know"
isabella smirked

this time it was dacre's turn to roll his eyes

he laughed pulling an uncomfortable face as the makeup lady put make up on him.

"alright ready"
dacre mumbled getting on top of isabella

she laughed

dacre laughed slightly when his face was inches from her

"ya know i usually would let you buy me dinner before we make out"
she said trying not laugh "

"me too if i'm being honest"
he replied

matt duffer yelled

isabella and dacre were just about done with their make out scene until they both broke character and started laughing

"what's going on"
ross asked

"her ring is stuck in my mullet and she kept trying to subtly pull it out"
he cracked up laughing into isabella's shoulder

"hey get your head back up here so i can get it out"
she said laughing just as much.

he lifted his head up holding in a laugh before she ripped it out making the front of the mullet come off as well

"oh shit"
she laughed

dacre yelled cracking up again

"what if i just hold it in place while we do a retake"
isabella asked putting her fingers in the perfect spot

"that'll work"
shawn laughed

"oh i see you just wanted to kiss me more"
dacre smirked

"yeah that's it"
she spoke sarcastically.

dacre laughed kissing the girl once more.

isabella once again walked back to the make up trailer seeing dacre.

"the make up trailer is becoming our thing"
she laughed lightly sitting next to dacre while they take out his mullet offering him some food she grabbed. he laughed

"it really is. what is that"
he asked with a frown

"i don't know a salad thing i believe"
she said looking at it with a frown as well

"you don't even know what it is but you want me to eat it" he said putting his hand on his heart acting offended.

she laughed shrugging

"do you want it or not"
she offered the plate again

"fine dill hole"
he mumbled taking it from her.

she mocked him rolling her eyes playfully

"oh my god this is actually amazing try it"
dacre spoke shoving the fork in her mouth

"that's good but you cut my mouth a lil bit"
isabella frowned a bit

"oh i'm so sorry"
he apologized

"it's okay" she laughed

"you sure"
he questioned

isabella nodded patting his cheek.

"i'm gonna go home and sleep see ya soon babes"
isabella smiled getting up

"drive safe"
dacre said

"i will thank you"
she replied

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