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The Day S.H.I.E.L.D. Fell

Everything was so loud, yet Delaney couldn't hear a thing. Gunshots echoed just beyond the other side of the locked door. Her head was pounding, her hands ached, and the cut on her bicep was burning.

The S.H.I.E.L.D intern looked down at the three agents sprawled out across the floor in her office. The fourth agent was on her coffee table, her scarlet blood dripping on to important papers that Delaney had been sorting through just before the attack.

"Oh." Delaney breathed out, bringing her hand up to cover her mouth. However when she did that, her busted lips stung when she touched them.

Delaney looked down at her outfit. Her blue floral skirt and white long sleeve had splatters of red across the material. Her white heels were no longer on her feet. One had been thrown across the room and another had been used to stab one of the agents in the arm.

The sound of a phone going off scared Delaney, making her jump. Her phone was sitting on the edge of her desk.

"Oh no." Delaney shook her head. She didn't want to go near the dead agent on her coffee table. But she had to.

She decided to run to her desk, grab her phone, then hurry back to the corner she was hiding in.

"Oh my gosh, Maria." Delaney breathed out as she answered the call. "Everything is so, so bad. I-I-I had to do it. I swear, I had to. There was just-There was just no other way! I promised you I'd always keep my powers in check and it wasn't them! That wasn't how it—,"

"Valente! Valente, take a deep breath."

Delaney put her head back against the wall and closed her eyes as she took a much needed deep breath.

"Now tell me what you're freaking out about. Has it started there? I can't get ahold of anyone."

"Has what started?" Delaney repeated.

"HYDRA is taking over S.H.I.E.L.D."

"That explains so much." Delaney shook her head, rubbing her head as she let out a spigh. "Agent-Agent Moore and Hernandez and Summers and Marshall all tried to attack me. They wanted information on you and on Director Fury's personal files."

"Did you give them anything, Valente?"

Delaney shook her head, her eyes finding the body on the little coffee table.

"Valente, answer me."

"No, Hill. I-I killed all of them. All of them."

"Valente, right now you cannot worry about that. They were going to hurt you and you did what you had to in order to survive. Is there anyone else with you?"

Before Delaney could answer, a gun went off just outside the door.

"What's going on, Valente?"

"Shhh." She hushed Hill.

The door knob to Valente's office began to jiggle. Delaney slapped her hand over her busted lips in an attempt to refrain from screaming. She quickly moved to hide behind her overturned desk. The desk had been flipped over during her fight with the four HYDRA agents.

Whoever it was kicked the door open. Delaney pressed her hand tighter against her mouth and gripped her phone tightly.

"I'm here, sir, but I don't see Valente." The man speaking was a good friend to Delaney, Agent Kevin Williams.

Kevin Williams was very tall man with a lean figure. His eyes were a chocolate brown and his hair a dark black. His skin was a deep brown. Kevin was just beginning to grow some facial hair along his jaw and his chin.

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