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In this one, Prompto was born in Lucis, not Niflheim.


"Alright." Dawn sighed, taking Prompto's plate and setting it to the side, she then sat down across from her son and stared at him.

"What's got you so bothered that you're refusing to eat?" She asked. This had been going on for a few days. Prompto hadn't been eating and hadn't been sleeping very well either. Dawn was starting to worry for her son.

"I..." he hesitated. Would Dawn understand what he was going through right now?

The blonde looked up at his mother. Dawn was a strong woman. Despite being short (5'3", just 1/4 of an inch under 5'4") she was one of the most terrifying women in the crownsguard. Scars decorated her arms, torso, legs, neck and one small one on her chin, proving how many fights she'd survived.

Her olive green eyes were constantly filled with determination, something Prompto had inherited from his mother, determination normally filling his own sapphire eyes. Her auburn hair was cut short and normally held back out of her face by a tattered tan ribbon that had been given to her by Prompto's father when they first started dating, except for the bangs on the left side of her face falling down the side of her face. Something that made her look both domestic and scary at the same time.

The dark framed glasses on her face made her look closer to her age as she looked closer to Prompto's age when she took them off. Her skin was pale and dotted with freckles, like Prompto's.

Her face was constantly set in what kids Prompto's age called a "resting bitch face" but when she was concerned for Prompto, she took a more tender look.

"Would Mom understand me on this? Then again, she has spent the past nineteen years raising me alone. Maybe she would know how I feel, since she's never told me who my dad was..." Prompto thought. Dawn sighed and grabbed his hand.

"Honey, I'm worried. You haven't slept nor ate properly in days and I can see the dried tears on your cheeks. Please tell me what's wrong." Dawn begged softly. Her face was set in that tender look again.

"Oh, god how do I say this?" Prompto whispered to himself, grabbing his hair with his free hand and closing his eyes. Dawn stroked his hand softly.

"I... uh... I'm in a relationship... I think..." he said. Dawn raised an eyebrow.

"You think you're in a relationship." She said. Prompto sighed.

"I don't know how else to describe it, Mom. I.. I sleep with him... a lot." Prompto said.

"That's about as much of a relationship your father and I had, Prom." Dawn said with a skeptical face. Prompto sighed heavily.

"I know, I know, but... I love him... I love him so much that it hurts and that's why I let him do this..." Prompto said.

"Do what?" Dawn asked.

"Make love to me. But..." Prompto stopped.

"But?" Dawn asked, rubbing his hand encouragingly.

"This is going to make me sound bad." He sighed.

"Prompto, I'm your mother. You can do a lot of bad things and I'll still love you. You're my baby boy." Dawn said and kissed his hand.

"He's engaged." Prompto said. Dawn was silent.

"They aren't going to marry for a couple of years. It's an arranged wedding. So he sleeps with me. But, I just... it hurts, Mom. I love him so much, but he's going to marry a woman one day. And I'll just... I..." Prompto stopped himself before he started crying.

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