A Certain Arrival Causes Jealousy

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3rd PoV

When Reborn saw Tsuna getting hugged by an unknown man.

He felt the green little monster called Jealousy creep up from his spine to his head, whispering things to fuel his ire.

He scowled not caring if the others saw. Leon felt his master's feelings and transformed into his usual green gun for Reborn to raise at the intruder.

"Let go of her, now" he added extra venom in the end.

The man paid no attention to him and continue to smother the brunette with his hugs.

"Tsu-Chan! I missed you! How are you!? Are you good? Did Tadaomi took great care of you!? what about the others??" he ask continously.

"Koro-Sensei, please let go of Tsu-chan, already" Nagisa sighed pulling his clothes, lazily.

"Nagi-Chan! You're here too! Come here and give me a hug!" Koro-sensei pulles himself to a sitting position along with Tsuna and encircled an arm around Nagisa's shoulder making him drag the bluenette down.

"Gua! Oi! Koro-sensei! Stop it and let go of me!!" Nagisa yelped, squirming.

Now this made Karma not so giddy and always chuckling. His face became irritated and stomped towards the group of three.

"Yah! Let go of them! You pedo-Octopus!" he barked, loosing all his cool.

Koro-sensei smirked and hugged them tighter sending Karma a coy smirk making the redhead's eyebrow twitch.



"Decimo-sama, Permission to beat the man?" Gokudera scowled.

"Denied" Tsuna sighed and wiggled herself out of Koro's embrace much to a certain jelaous man's relief.

Koro pouted and made a grabby hand towards her silently urging her to come back in his arms.

Using his distraction, Karma immediately pulled Nagisa out of his other embrace.

"Nuuu!!" The Black haired assassin wailed.

"Koro-Sensei, you're an adult now. Act like one" Tsuna sighed before leaning against her desk.

"Lol, I don't know what you are saying Tsu-Chan" he chuckled, literally saying 'Lol'.

"Guys,  this is Koro-sensei. One of my teachers when I...moved out" she coughed slightly.

"Koro-sensei, this are my guardians and advisor"

"Gokudera Hayato" said man nodded slightly.

"Yamamoto Takeshi" Yamamoto smiled slightly and nodded.

"You remember Lambo right?" Koro nodded and chuckled "Of course, I won't -by any means- forget the boy I trained for only 3 months.
Here—" He threw a grape lollipop.

Lambo smiled amd catched the sweet easily, not wasting time on ripping the wrapper and put it in his mouth.

"Long time no see, Maestro Polpo"he teased.

"Sasagawa Ryohei. Please use Indoor voice, Sasagawa-san"

"Nice to meet you to the EXTREME!"

"Dokuro Chrome" The woman nodded albeit a little shy.

"Rokudo Mukuro"




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