Prom Night

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I was sitting on my bed. Waiting. For really nothing. I mean tonight was prom, and I am not really up for it. I mean it was like I was mad and sad at the same time, and it's weird because it is only Zach. A guy that texted me by accident.

My mom then came in the room.

"Okay Jessica. Let's get ready for prom. Doesn't it start at eight. It's already seven."

"It does mom, but I don't have no one to go with."

"Since when did a girl need a guy to go to prom?"

"Since I hate everyone in that school, so I had a date and he canceled."

"Find a friend there."

"No. Did I not just say I hate them."

"Well your going either way. Come on and get up. I'll do your hair."

"It's always fun to have your mom help you get ready for prom."


"Fine. I'll do it." I said rolling my eyes.

My mom put half of my hair up and my bottom half of my hair down. Then plugged in the curling iron. Just as she did that the door bell went off.

"Jessica, can you go get the door?"

"Sure...." I said getting up to go get the door.

I answered the door to see.....Daniel.


"Jessica!" He said hugging me.

I hugged back. I then pulled away looking at his outfit. He was wearing a tux.

"What are you doing here?" I asked him.

"Well, Zach asked me to take you to prom." Daniel said.

I rolled my eyes.

"Because he can't do it himself?"

"No. Well yes. Jessica, Zach is really sorry. Our manager has daughters and he asked them to do it. Well not really asked. Told them they were."

"That doesn't mean he can just cancel. Plus I am surprised he doesn't like Lexi." I said walking back up to my room with Daniel following me.

"Wow you really are jealous." Daniel said.

"Am not!"

"Your last two posts begs it different."

"Maybe a little."

"And he doesn't like Lexi. He realized you were replying to her about how you guys were friends and he wanted to see who she was."

"With a heart emoji?"

"Yeah.....I guess."

We went into my room and I sat down while my mom did my hair. After my mom got done she introduced herself to Daniel and then left for me to get my dress on and makeup done. I started with my makeup.

"So he was just like--Hey bro I need you to go take Jessica to prom because I can't do it." I said.

"How do you know his exact words?"


"Okay no. He technically asked me, and I agreed."


"Okay let's just have a fun night. Okay?" Daniel asked me.

"Fine." I said. Finishing up my makeup.

"I'm going to put my dress on and then we can leave." I said.

"Yay." Daniel said laughing.

I went and put on my dress. I walked out and Daniel looked at me.

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