Chapter 6 - Closed Doors

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Dust POV

Horror swung his axe at me with an incredible strength. Using the dodging technique Chara taught me, I ducked and sped around him, striking a blow that was reflected by his rib cage. I summoned a huge bone attack using most of my magic and jumped on it, growing it tall so it reach high in the air. Horror wouldn't be able to reach me now. I looked down at Horror. He looked back at me, grinning. Surly not. No one's strong enough to cut down a bone attack this big...
He lifted his axe high above his head. I saw his eye blaze. He swung the axe fast, hard. It was a blur of movement. The bone shook...

And fell to the ground.
I teleported off it just in time. I looked at Horror in awe. He stood beside me, panting. He put the axe back on his back. He grinned at me.
"Good fight, huh?"


I was head over heels.

He was sweet, cute, fast, powerful, and the hottest monster I'd ever laid eyes on.

But we're just friends.

2 months later...

Me and Horror had been seeing eachother almost every day since we met. I... have a serious crush on that guy. I can't let him know. He'd reject me for sure. Lately, he's been acting weird. He's keeping something from me. Well, he's not the only one hiding things.....

"Hey, Dusty!" Horror stood up from his tree stump in the clearing. "Ready to fight?"
"Ummmm, actually..." Dust rubbed his neck nervously. "I, umm, have to go. But, I'll be back tomorrow, and I'll fight extra hard!!!!" Horror narrowed his eyes suspiciously, but he nodded.
"Alright." He sat down and went back to sharpening his axe. I breathed a sigh of relief and teleported away. I walked through Snowdin with my hood pulled over my head. Silent, as usual. The soft breeze swept past me, leaving a trail of dust. I ran my hand along a slash mark in the wall of my house. Dried blood stained the dark wood walls. A red scarf lay in the snow, frost covering its crimson surface. I sighed and turned around.
"What do you want, Killz?" The emotionless skeleton laughed.
"Tell me,"
"Tell me," Killer smiled. "About Horror," I felt my face heat up.
"G-Go away, Killer." I turned away. "You wouldn't understand,"
Killer put his hand on my shoulder.
"Oh, I understand, Dust. I've actually come here for your help," I snorted.
"Since when did you ever need my help?" Killer sighed.
"Since now," Killer squeezed my shoulder slightly. I sighed.
"Fine. What is it that you want, Killer?" Killer looked away.
"Do... Do you know what love feels like?"

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