Chapter 37

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When I entered Ed's room after being away with Harry, I was met with a lot of different faces. Eleanor looked at me with an unreadable look while Ed and Niall had a knowing one. Dan and Angela just seemed confused, and I didn't blame them. They probably had no idea of what was going on.

Ignoring Ed and Niall, I sat down beside Eleanor. "Where's Harry?" She asked, confused.

I shrugged. "He didn't feel very well so he decided to go home," I replied, causing Ed to snort.

"Go home? Didn't feel well? What nonsense are you talking about, Tomlinson?" He asked, raising an eyebrow at me.

If I wasn't already fed up with his behavior earlier, I sure was now. It was like he knew something that he kept to himself but at the same time tried to show everyone. Weird, I tell you. "Yes. He didn't even want to participate in this game to begin with. He just told me."

Ed chuckled dryly. "And why would he tell you, one of his worst enemies that? Why would he even want to talk to you in the first place, eh?" He questioned expectantly.

I swallowed hard, knowing that this was a very bad and risky situation. I mean, Eleanor even knew that Harry and I were stepbrothers, she could expose us any second. However, I was lucky this time because she kept her mouth shut, and I was pretty sure that was because she was still rather shocked by everything.

Everyone was staring at me by now, and their intense gazes had me looking away. "Well, I don't know. You ask him," I said curtly, and with that, I pretty much ended the topic, much to my delight. I wanted nothing more than to talk about something else, anything else.

The following minutes were rather tense. Niall was as quiet as a little mouse. He didn't even dare look my way, which I was happy about. I didn't know what I would do if he did. I was still pretty angry that he had tried to kiss Harry. Not that he was the one to blame though, considering it was a dare. However, there was something telling me that there was something fishy going on about that, though.

It didn't take long until we all felt pretty done with tonight. Eleanor was leaning her head on my shoulder, even if she seemed tenser now than she did at the beginning of the night. Angela was lying with her head on Dan's lap while Niall was constantly rubbing his eyes tiredly.

To be honest, I was getting pretty tired myself and my bed felt rather tempting right now. "Alright guys, I think we might as well head home, right Angela?" Dan announced, looking down at his almost sleeping girlfriend.

She yawned, sitting up while nodding her head. "Yeah, I'm tired as hell."

"Yeah, I'm getting rather sleepy myself. You joining me, Lou?" Eleanor asked, looking at me.

I nodded my head. "Sure. I'll walk you home," I offered, making her smile tiredly.


With that said, we all got up from the floor and started heading towards the door. However, once I got to the doorframe, I was stopped by a hand on my shoulder. "Sleep well, Louis," someone whispered in my ear, and I instantly recognized it as Ed's.

I got uncomfortable chills by it, and I didn't even bother to answer him. Instead, I continued walking, my hand on Eleanor's lower back as I kept my head down. We went out of the house and started making our way towards her house.

"What was that all about before? And why did you get so worked up when Niall was dared to kiss your stepbrother?" She asked after a while of silence.

I gulped at her words but decided to play it cool. "I'm just very protective, you know? Harry's kind of my brother and he's been together with Niall but they broke up not too long ago. I didn't want Harry to feel sad all over again if they were to kiss just because of a dare, you get me?"

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