30| it wasn't a date

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"I want to hear everything, leave no detail out!" Taehyung said, excitement laced in his voice.

Jimin smiled shyly, bringing a cup of hot chocolate up to his lips, the brim resting on his bottom lip. They were in the cafe, the one where Hani worked, sitting in their usual booth towards the back. There was a giant piece of lava cake and vanilla ice cream in the middle of the table, two spoons so they could share it. Taehyung's lattae was pushed off to the side, sitting dangerously close to his anatomy textbook. He was looking expectantly at Jimin while licking chocolate off of his finger.

Jimin decided to act dumb, taking a sip of his hot chocolate. He winced as it burnt his tongue. He frowned, placing the cup back on the saucer, "T-Tell you about wh-what?"

"The date!" Taehyung exclaimed, thanking the waitress when she handed him some napkins.

"What date?" The waitress asked.

Jimin's head snapped up. He had been focusing on Taehyung's anatomy textbook, which was open to a page about the human heart. He could read the page if he had focused hard enough. His eyes landed on Hani, who was looking at Jimin with a certain glint in her eyes.

"You went on a date?" Hani asked, smile so kind even the Gods couldn't compare.

Jimin felt guilty.

"Yes! He went on a date with Ju-"

"-Jung Hoseok!" Jimin cut Taehyung off, "It w-wasn't a date. T-Taehyung just t-thought it was."

"Oh, I'm afraid I don't know him."

Jimin shook his head, "He sp-spends a lot of t-time in the studio a-at school, I w-wouldn't expect you to."

Hani fixed her hair and smiled, "Where did you two go?"

"The water park!" Taehyung interrupted, beaming.

"Really?" Hani asked. She looked at Jimin, "You're so lucky. Jungkook and I were suppose to go but unfortunately my sister came home. I had to go visit her, she works for the army so I don't get to see her a lot."

Jimin wanted to punch himself.

"It must of b-been n-nice to s-see your sister." Jimin said, attempting to switch the topic. He saw Taehyung eyeing him curiously.

"It was," Hani nodded. Her name got called, "I should go. Let me know if you need anything?"

"W-Will do."

Hani waved slightly and walked off towards one of the other waitresses who called her.

Jimin straight up wanted to smack Taehyung. He settled for flinging a crumpled up napkin at him, "Wh-What the hell, Tae?"


"W-Why were you going to tell her?"

"It's not like it'd matter." Taehyung said, tilting his head, "You didn't make out with him, did you?"


"Then there's no reason I shouldn't tell her."

Jimin gaped at him, "I went o-on a date with h-her boyfriend! To the pl-place they were go-going!"

"So?" Taehyung shrugged.

Jimin threatened to smack him. Taehyung just rolled his eyes, "Tell me about your date with Jungkook."

Jimin sighed, "I-It was ab-absolutely amazing."


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