Chapter 001: D&D

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"NO! STOP IT! PUT ME DOWN!" Brynn yelled as two guards drug her down a dim hallway in Hawkin's lab.

"It's only a test! Calm down before I have to taze you again!" A guard said.

"NO!" Brynn yelled. The guard threw her on the ground.

"Thats it 013, your gettin' it now," The guard said pulling out his tazer. He came closer to her, but stopped. He turned the tazer on himself, then used it. He fell to the floor, his screams echoing down the long vacant hallways. Blood ran out of Brynn's nose, but she just ignored it. The second guard came up to her with A gun.

"You move an Inch I'll shoot," He said. Brynn steped towards him and he fired. He expected to see a twelve year old girl, lying on the floor bleeding out, but he saw something way, way different. Brynn was holding her hand up, and the bullet was hovering in mid-air.

"I win," She said as the bullet turned backwards and hurled back into the man's chest. He then fell on the floor, pale and lifeless. She then bolted to the doors, only to find out that they were locked.

"013?" A man asked from behind her.

"Thats not my name," Brynn said sternly.

"This is the third time you've tried to escape this month. I told you what would happen if you did it again," He said, disregarding her earlier statement. He grabbed her by the shoulders and started leading her down the hallway. She tried to use her powers, but she was too weak.

"Please stop! I'm sorry,"

"Sorry doesn't cut it this time," Two guards took her into a room and held her down on a bed.

"LET ME OUT OF HERE!" She screamed. A doctor hooked up a breathing machine to a tank of something, probably a drug.

"NO!" Was the last thing she could say before the doctor put a mouth piece on her, and she was out like a light.

      Brynn woke up in the woods, she had no clue how long she'd been unconscious. Wherever she was it was freezing, and there were little white things floating in the air, but they were moving so slow it looked like she was underwater. The place was dark, empty, and completely silent, something that was virtually impossible in the real world.

     Brynn stood up, and started walking, hoping to find civilization. She soon came up on a small neighborhood, it was all decayed and all of the houses had vines growing all over them. She walked into a random house to examine it. She went to the front of the house, there were dead bushes and vines everywhere. Brynn slowly pushed open the creaky door and went inside. The inside was just as gross, old damp, moldy furniture, vines peeking through loose floorboards, Peeling wallpaper, and so on.

     She found a set of stairs going up onto a second level, and she decided to go up them. There were four rooms upstairs. She went into the first one. It had a set of bunk beds, a small dresser, some shelves and a desk. Like the others, the room was falling apart and drowning in vines. Brynn walked over to the small shelves, they consisted of trophies, and other figurines. She was about to turn around when something caught her eye. There was a small picture of four boys, none of which she recognized.

     She took the picture and decided she'd look for the four boys

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     She took the picture and decided she'd look for the four boys. There were two girls rooms, one older and one younger, and a bathroom upstairs. She went back to the first floor, and was about to leave when she saw another flight of stairs, this time going down. She slowly crept down them into a basement. There was a table set up in the middle of the room, and on that table was a box.

"Dungeons and Dragons..." She read. She opened the box and one by one placed all of the pieces on the table. She looked at them and they flew off into the floor, all except the Demogorgon piece. After that, she left the house with a bloody nose.

In the real world...

    Mike was just about to go upstairs for bed when he heard a weird noise from the basement. He grabbed a bat and slowly inched down the stairs to see that the Dungeons and Dragons box was open, and all of the pieces except for the Demogorgon were in the floor.

"What the..."

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