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"I don't care, I need you to provide at least 6 names of investors that I can talk to before I get to work. The board meeting is on Friday and things are not looking good for us." Xander instructs his secretary as he hurriedly puts his laptop into his briefcase.

"Yes sir," Josie says.

"Good," Xander says before hanging up. He places his phone in his pocket before shutting his briefcase.

"It's hot when you order people around." Cara comments coming out of the bathroom in her towel. She walks over to him.

"Good morning," Xander mutters on her lips before kissing her.

"Morning," Cara says with a smile. "Is everything okay?"

Xander has been on edge for a few days now, late nights in the office, leaving home early in the morning, Cara can't help but worry.

"Yeah, it's just work," Xander assures her as he picks up his briefcase.

"Not going to eat breakfast?"

"I will get breakfast on my way," Xander says heading for the door.

"Don't forget, we have an appointment at 2 with Gabi. We are finding out the gender of the twins today."

Gabriella is Cara's obstetrician, Gwen was fired for the stunt she pulled and Cara couldn't be happier about it. Cara did the honors of firing her.

"I won't," Xander says before walking out the door.


"I called the office and they said you aren't in. I am already at the hospital and you are late, so call me or get your ass here." Cara leaves the 11th voice mail in frustration.

Gabi walks into the check-up room were Cara is seated, "Is Alexander not going to be joining us?"

"I don't think so, sorry for the delay."

"No worries, how about we do the check-up and I write the gender and put it in an envelope and when you get home, you guys can open it."

"That could work."


Xander walks into the house as noiseless as possible, it's really late and he doesn't want to wake Jonathan. He is about to head to the stairs when he notices the lights of the sitting room is still on. He walks over to the sitting room where Cara is waiting up for him.

Soon as she hears footsteps she turns to see a stressed-out Xander who's walking into the sitting room.

"Hey," He whispers, dropping this briefcase on a couch beside him.

Cara is finding it hard to stay mad at him when he is looking this stressed, "I am awaiting the apology." Cara frowns.

Xander pauses for a while trying to think of why he should be apologizing which only pisses Cara off more.

"You have to be kidding me, our meeting with Gabi." Cara folds her arms dramatically.

"I thought that was tomorrow." Xander puts his left palm on his face in frustration.

"You would have known if you listened to any of my voicemails."

"I am so sorry, I have been jumping from one meeting to another, haven't checked my phone." Xander takes a seat across to her.

"What's going on?" Cara asks in all seriousness. "I may not have a degree in business as you do, I barely even made it out of high school but I listen. As an ex-bar tender being a good listener is part of the job."

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