Chapter 10: Everything Will Be Okay

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 CHAPTER 10: "Everything Will Be Okay..."

//"I keep getting this feeling that you're so fmiliar. I just want to ask; have I seen you somewhere before?"//



Levi dodged again as yet another bullet flew past him and shattered the dirty and smudged up window. He turned back in time to catch sight of the man before him preparing the trigger. He immediately ducked out of the way and caught the sound of another window shattered to bits behind him. He scowled at his surroundings; nothing was useful enough for him to fight back with. And it was obvious that fighting bare-handed against someone with two guns was like rushing to your own death.

“You’ve gotten soft, Levi!” said the man who charged toward Levi since he appeared slightly preoccupied with devising a plan. Levi wasn’t. His right hand reached up and gripped onto the man’s wrist and tilted his body out of the way. Another gunshot got fired but Levi had already made his move by swiping the both the man’s legs and shoved him to the ground- the arm in his earlier grasp tugged to the man’s back.

The captive below him tried to struggle but Levi put a hard step on the back of his head which kept him down. The crackle from the walkie-talkie in his back pocket started off with that same laughter which Levi had grown so fed up of. With a kick, he hoped down from the unconscious man and pulled it out.

“Enough of your fucking games; if you want to play come out and be the pawn yourself.”

The laughter slowly died down to a soft chuckle before the line went silent completely. Levi swiveled around toward a shadowed corner of the corridor and with narrowed eyes, picked up a metal bar he caught sight of at the corner of his eye. It had been buried beneath some rubble and the soil camouflaged it to the ground.

Levi’s eyes flashed with alert when a familiar glint sparked from behind those shadows. He dodged out of the way right before a series of ultra-silent bullets crashed into the wall behind and blew it to bits.  So, that bastard was still using those tricky explosive bullets of his, Levi thought to himself.

“Not bad, Levi. But you’re still slow. What’s the matter? I expected so much more from you, or has the office life turned you into a sissy? …But maybe it’s the fact that the boy’s life is on the line, hmm?”  said the man who slowly appeared from that wavering darkness. In his hands were a pair of menacing-looking guns, engraved with gold patterns from the ancient times. Those could never be bought or found anywhere anymore even if you were the richest billionaire in the world.

The first sight of that old yet unchanged smirk came into the light and sent a wave of caution through Levi. His grip on the metal bar tightened while he allowed his eyes to stray to the guns in his previous opponents’ hands for a brief moment.

“Kayen.” He muttered, not pleased at all.

“Ah, what kind of welcome is that, Levi? I thought you were the one who invited me out of my absolutely comfortable office to meet you?” his eyes paused to look into Levi’s own two jet-black irises; he could literally sense the serial vibe coming off from them. So Levi really has set his mind on beating him up, huh? It would be interesting to see how Levi’s condition is right now… It’s been a long time, after all.

Kayen’s smirk only widened. The whole area went eerily still and it was as if the time had stopped; neither of the two moved even as the tension continued to sweep past like a tornado. Both their eyes remained locked onto each other’s, holding their silent threats.

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