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Okay, finally this story ended and this is my very first completed story tbh ahaha.

Firstly, I wanna apologize for all the grammar mistakes and typo error in this book. I really hope you guys do enjoy reading it and don't get bother by the grammar mistakes.

So, this book is actually an emotional book. I feel sad for the girl who had lost each of her close person.

For those who still couldn't get what this book actually telling about, it's about Taehyung and his gf which is Park Doyoung. The female lead still couldn't get over what happened to Taehyung on the previous month and she cry everytime when she thought of him. But these days, she keep receiving flowers from unknown. At the end, she gets what's all this mean and they met each other for the one last time.

Lastly, I wanna thanks all the readers who actually read this book till the end although it's just a simple and common book ;) love you all ♥

Stay tuned 🆒

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