Birthday Surprise

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I put a robe on before I went to the twins room. Both of them was still asleep, they didn't wake up till around ten.

I woke up Liam  and went to take him a shower first and got him dressed before I attempted to wake up Xion.

He stayed asleep through his whole little shower and I laughed as he peed when the cold water hit his skin. His little self didn't wake up till I gave him a bottle.

I dressed them both up in all black and some black air forces. My babies had to look fly you know.

"Happy Birthday..." My mother said surprising me as I turned around to find her watching me in the twins room as I fed Xion.

"Thank you mom." I said quite awkwardly, I use to think she forgot about my birthday. She stopped telling me happy birthday once I reached the age of fifteen.

She nodded and headed back to her room.

I placed both the twins on the floor with their bottles and put the baby gate on the door as I left the room.

I hadn't even checked my phone yet.

I replied back to my model friends and Ryan saying thank you.

They replied back that they hoped my day was going well and that they would give me my gift when I came in.

Kyle: Happy Birthday My curly haired twin ! Wanna be like me and ish ! It's okay I'm an inspiration ! :] Coming for you at nine thirty.

Me: Lmfaoo Inspiration my ass ! I look better in curls anyways and thank you Love.

Enrique: Happy Birthday Baby ! I Love You and Kyle is coming to get you, I have to do something.

Me: I Love You too and Thank you and I freaking love the gifts ! And Alright I figured he text me that he was coming.

Dot: Guess who has your Bra? I do ! Thanks for this great early early Birthday/ Christmas present ! And Oh Happy Birthday Love ! Enjoy ya day! Enrique plan to tear your pussy up so enjoy your legs ! 

I let out a loud scream and then laughed ! 

Me: Dot I am going to kill you ! Return that to Enrique before I have him beat your ass. & Thanks I guess loll

Carmello and a few other people text me happy Birthday also ! I thanked them and then tossed my phone on my bed.

My mind raced to Kim.

I, nor anyone else seem to know where she was. The only person I didn't think to ask was Carmello, but wouldn't Kim told him to tell us she was alright?

Kyle said she disappeared like a week after I did, so everyone figured she probably was only hanging with me, I haven't seen Kim since I left them all.

Kyle said her number is changed. We had went to her house yesterday but no one answered the buzzer and the boys that stayed on the stoop all the time weren't there so we had no one to ask for her and we couldn't even find her ex.

Shit was just odd, I hoped she was okay though.

When I heard crying, I snapped out of my thoughts and went to check up on the twins.

There bottles where empty and they where knocking each other in the head with it.

I shook my head and went to rinse the bottles out before making a baby bag for the two of them.

I heard my phone ringing and I put the rest of the stuff in baby bag needed and went to answer my phone 

"Hi Kyle !" I answered  the phone jumping on my bed to get it.

"Outside, come open up the door." He said and I nodded hanging up.

I ran down the stairs and went to open the door and Kyle pulled me in to a hug ! 

"My Chick finally Half legal in America ! I need to take you to London with me so we can go drink our asses off and get drunk !" Kyle said letting me go and closing the door behind him and locking it.

"Well if you buy the ticket I'm down you know." I said smiling as I walked up the stairs with him behind me.

"That's green. You like rich as fuck now and you can't pay for our tickets? Cheap ass!" Kyle said making me laugh.

"Xion ! Aye wassup little man!" Kyle said picking up Xion who was standing up holding the child safety gate.

"How you know the difference ? I thought I was the only one." I asked Kyle.

"Cause he looks more like you to me for some reason and Liam has your eyes and eye color. Like I seriously think they started looking like you cause they been around you to much." Kyle laughed and I nodded.

I put them in their car seats and Kyle carried them to his car as I went to get my heels and bag.

I put on my heels and grabbed my new coral bag Ryan gave me just two days ago that seemed to match my heels perfectly and I placed the second dress in the bag, I don't know why I just felt I should. I removed my robe and I put my phone in my bag and sprayed myself with my perfume and I was set.

"Mother I am going out with the twins, be back later." I said and didn't get a response. I closed my house door and made my way to Kyle's Hummer.

He had just finished fixing the twins chairs and he turned around.

"You are trying to turn me fully straight ! " Kyle squealed as he clutched at his heart.

I couldn't help but bust out laughing.

"Seriously Li ! You are trying to turn Gay men Straight and Straight men to cheat on their girls with you. I mean like give me a full a full show." Kyle said wiggling his finger for me to spin around in a circle slowly.

I did that and he whistled.

"When did your batty grow like this ? What is your job feeding you?" Kyle asked and I laughed.

"Let's go man." I said getting in to the passenger seat.

"All I'm saying is Enrique won't be able to breath! Your legs and Batty look fire !" Kyle complemented and I thanked him.

Kyle took a breather before he started driving and I laughed.

"Lord let us make this journey cause my best friend looking like you sent angels to get her looking like one of them." Kyle prayed allowed and I laughed hitting him.

"Let's go man !" I laughed and he nodded and started to drive to Enrique house.


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