IDKWLI Chapter 56

Birthday Surprise 

Part 1

{ Lisa }

I woke up feeling happy.

Like how can you not be happy on your birthday.

The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.

Oprah said it best her self and I was going to do just that.

Before I left home yesterday Enrique handed me two boxes and instructed me not to open them until today.

I actually listened and I woke up extra early on this day just to open up my gifts from my boyfriend.

I open the first box and pulled out a white sexy knit halter tight dress and the was another white dress also. I put the one I was holding to the side and pulled out the next white dress

It was a  Backless Spaghetti Strap HL Bandage Dress.

Tears started to form in my eyes these where some 3,000 dollar dresses ! 

There was a note in the box in a golden envelope and I drop the dress on top of the other one. I pulled out a fancy looking black card from the envelope and opened it.

Like I know you didn't read your text messages off your phone yet, so let me be the first to say happy birthday.

Happy Birthday Baby ! You like finally old enough for me to do some torturing to! So, Like when you get to my house you already know what it is. Alie ! But anyway I couldn't choose between the two dresses ! I know you will look bomb in either and I'm just gon ripe it off you anyways sooo. lol ! I had a little help from Ryan , wear which ever one you want it yours to choose from.  Happy Birthday I Love You Lisa. :]

 I wiped at my tears laughing. Oh my gosh I love that boy and his silly self.

I opened the next box that had a little box Silver bow over it , I pulled the string letting it fall to the floor and uncovered the to.

Pulling out some Coral Daffodile Suede Platform Pump, I wanted to literally cry.

Like he was just making my birthday come to a great start.

There was another note in a golden envelope in this box also and I opened it and read the card.

I hope you opened the other Box first, but if not Happy Birthday Baby ! Like I chose these shoes all by myself cause you know I know what look good on my girl feet ! And this is going to make your legs look.... ! Lets just say it's going to be hard to keep my tongue in my mouth. Like I ran through the store yelling I'm getting these for my girlfriend like some moist youth you know! Gosh Why am I fallng for you so hard like this I feel extra moist ! Why couldn't you have slept at my house and let my tongue wake you up? Just Know tonight you are gonna get it ! I Love You Lisa :] This Ain't even all it though ! 

I fell back on my bed laughing and crying all at once.

After a while I decided to get my ass cleaned up and go in the shower. It was now eight in the morning and I was wide awake.

I took a shower and made sure to use my vanilla kiwi body wash that Enrique was obsessed with and after my shower I brushed my teeth and went got dressed in the first dress I saw. I liked how it looked first so that was my choice to wear. I fixed my curls that Kyle helped me to do last night and made sure it looked nice in the mirror.

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