Chapter 5

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Sonic:*Still Laughing*

Shadow and Silver:SHUT UP SONIC!!

Sonic:Okay Okay *Trying not to laugh anymore.

Rouge:Like I said that just happened...



Sonic:Anyways Shadow you good?


Sonic:Silver you good?

Silver:Yeah I am fine.

SonicOkay you guys wanna continue our run and not hit any tree or make each other mad?

Shadow:Sure count me in!

Silver:Me too brother!

Amy:I'll see you later Okay Sonic

Sonic:Okay Ames *Kisses her cheek*

Shadow:Bye Gals


Sonic:*Runs off*

Shadow:*Runs off*

Silver:*Runs Off*

No One POV
While Sonic, Shadow, and  Silver Sonic jumps across the trees, Shadow powers his rocket, Silver is flying that's when Sonic jumped in the ground and stopped. His ear kept twitching Shadow an Silver notice and Shadow asked "What's wrong Sonic?" Sonic answers "I heard something." Then Eggman appeared and he says "Oh hey Sonic what happened to your arm. Did your father dislocate it?" They all heard Sonic growl Shadow and Silver looked at each other shocked at his reaction then Mephiles And Aaron appear again. They watched Sonic carefully and his move when he was about to to walk away he quickly turned and kick Aaron and Mephiles jaws they both stubbled back and Shadow and Silver joined in on the fight. They all heard Sonic ask "Aaron I wonder what made you want our abilities?" Then Aaron answers "For power I destroyed your kingdom once and I will do it again!" Then Silver says "Sorry But that won't happen." Sonic kick Aaron's in the jaw again Shadow kicked Mephiles in the jaw while Silver took down Eggman's Robots.

Silver:There is to many robots!

Shadow:I agree!

Sonic:Then we have to fall back for now!



They all jump in the trees to stay hidden and run off.

*With The Girls*

Rouge:Peace and quiet once again.





Blaze:It's like you don't want to be around the boys.

Rouge:Don't get me wrong I love to be around the boys their fun


Silver:There are to many Robots!

Shadow:I agree!

Sonic:Then we have to fall back for now!



Amy:What was that?

Rouge:It sounded like Sonic, Shadow, and Silver

Blaze:We probably want t- *Gets Picked Up by Silver*

Shadow:*Grabs Rouge*

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