Note of the Week (Nov 10th)

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Our next chapter, "How to Drive Stick Shift", complete's part one of Love and Hamburgers. Part 1 is very representative of the  second incarnation of Love and Hamburgers, where the story was a year ago in my writing process. 

The irony of this chapter title is the original purpose of the short story, The Travelers, that I wrote and which Love and Hamburgers is based on, was a story designed to teach people how to drive a manual transmission. That's right, Rick and Liz owe their entire existence to the fact my girlfriend at the time couldn't drive anything but an automatic.

By the way, if you want to read The Travelers, it is available on my page to my patreon subscribers.

As we move into next week, as Rick and Liz come to Denver, readers will find a very different world and tone for Rick and Liz, but it is the direction that the characters are ultimately headed.

Thank you everyone for reading, and as always, the likes and comments are greatly appreciated.  

~ Ken

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