[39] Date, Panic and Prep

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Previously on Agents:

"I'll do it... do it for her."


"Now, I suggest we all get some sleep," Jin said.

"Yeah. Night guys," John yawned.

As I was about to head back through the hidden passage, Cory called me. Without his mask as well. Huh, odd. He normally wore it except when we're at school.

"Hey Shelby!"

"Cory. Night," I said, exhausted.

He hesitated for a little bit. "Wait, I need to tell ya something."

"What is it, you camera-faced idiot?"

"I, er, well... I kinda like you. As in like like you."

"Like... love like?"

"Umm. Yeah," he sighed. "The point is; I love you. More than a friend."

"I-I... I need some time to think. Good night."

"Wait, Shelby! Erm, would you like to be my date to the Winter Ball? Not like- a date date just a platonic date."

"Yeah, sure. Night."

Nearly one week later

"Oh my Irene. Oh my Irene! The Winter Ball is tomorrow!" Jin yelled.

"Yeah. So?" Max sighed.

Ross answered, "Max give him a break... he'll trade himself for Aph tomorrow remember?"

"No, not that! We don't have our outfits yet and we barely have enough shopping time! Boss is at Timbuktu so we can't contact him for clothes!"

"And all of our formal attire was kinda destroyed when we had that Closet Wars tournament thingy," Ross added.

"Yeah... that was a bad idea. Sorry. But I never thought that you'd be concerned about fashion Jin," Adam snorted.

"Jin has a point though," Cory countered.

John added, "Yep. If we show up without the proper attire, there'd be three outcomes. A, we would get kicked out. B, our friends will suspect something and C, nothing will happen at all."

"Let's hope it's the third," Max mumbled.

"Or... we could just go shopping right now?" I asked.

"Shumpie, that's impossible. What kind of store is open at, like, 12am."

"Wait, it's 12am?"

"Well, the WB isn't til tomorrow night. Right after we're dismissed at noon, let's hit the mall and get ready," Cory suggested.

"Not a bad idea Camera Face. So, who's ready for shoopin' after schoolin'?"


"Welp, g'night guys."

Another day passes~

As expected, the school dismissed us early. We decided to head to Phoenix City Mall, mostly because there's an anime shop and Ross is on anime hype right now. Reminds me of someone I knew, heh.

"I'm starving. Let's go to the food court," John said.

"Yep. C'mon. It's this way."

Soon we separated; the guys went off on their own to preferred stores (except for Ross who I guess went to Animu Emporium first) while I got a dress, had nails done and did my makeup at the house.

Soon we all met up back at our house, where a... limo was waiting for us?

"Wait, so Boss isn't able to get clothes tailored for us but got us a limo?" Max sighed.

"Nope, he didn't. I had Malachi ask Zoey to contact a guy who knew a guy who knew a guy who knew a guy who knew a guy whose cousin knew a guy that owned a limo," a blonde kid replied.

"Levin!" I squealed. "It's great to see you again! But why are you always the one who takes us to fancy events?"

"I mean, why not?"

"Touché. So, are we ready?"



"Ready as I'll ever be in this situation..."

"Well then, off to the ball we go!"

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