[38] For Aphmau

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(Still) Shelby's POV

"What happened Shumpie?" Adam asked.

"Aphmau, she- she got kidnapped. By an SK."

"Excuse me, what?" Max asked, angry.

"They said-"


"I'm assuming they're using a voice modulator. Wouldn't wanna assume genders, right?" I gave a slight laugh.

"They said that at the night of the Winter Ball, we can make a trade. Aph for Jin. I'm not sure why."

"I'll... I'll do it," Jin stuttered.

"But Jin-"

"John, whether Aph chose me over the guys or not, I still love her. Maybe like a girlfriend love, maybe not. Maybe like a sister, maybe not. But what I do know, is I love her. And I can't let her remain in the SKs' hands any longer."

I sighed, "Jin, are you sure?"


"All right, then. Here's the plan: Team A made up of Shelby, Cory, Ross and Max; you guys head on to the ball and try keep a low profile. Our friends will definitely worry if we're all not there.

Team B which is John, Jin and I will go make the trade. Once we have Jin we'll take out Aph's captor, if it goes well we'll head to the party and if not, Team A will be backup. Luckily Keeper Street is close enough to our school."

"We're really doing this, huh?" Ross asked.

"I'll do it... do it for her."


Wait- did I reference Steven Universe again?

I don't even watch that show... .-.

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