Chapter 5 - My Sanctuary

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No one's POV

Horror stood nearby his sentry station. Snow spiraled around him, chilling him to the bone. He looked around expectantly, searching for his friend and fellow delinquent. Dust approached him from the north, wind and snow at his back. He tried to sneak up on him, but Horror heard him coming and his head whipped round.
"Hey Dust," He greeted. Dust smiled.
"Sharp as ever, H," Dust replied, and Horror grinned. "Anyway, what did you want to show me?" he questioned, and Horror looked around to make sure no one was watching, and gestured for Dust to follow him. They wandered into the chilled forest, walking aimlessly into the snow. The wind slowed and halted near the center of the forest. The snow slowed. Horror kept walking. The pair came apon a clearing. Snowdrops littered the crisp, chilled ground. A single golden flower stood in the middle of the snowdrops, its petals frozen with frost. It was frozen from movement, it's delicate stem unmoving. A stream ran past the clearing, its surface shimmering in the bright, pale-blue light. There was an axe lodged deep into a nearby tree. Moss grew on its handle, and the blade was blunt and dim from years of being stuck in a tree. There were a few tree stumps scattered around the place. Horror sat down on one, and gestured for Dust to do the same, and he did.
"This is where I train." Horror remembered the thrill of their fight when they first met. He smiled. "Thought we might train together, but it's okay if you don't want to." Dust, too, remembered Horror's way of fighting, the way his axe was so in sync with the rest of his body, the way he sensed your next move before you did. He grinned.
"Sure," Dust summoned his splintered bone again. "Show me what you've got!" Horror drew his axe from it's place on his back.
"Happy to, Dusty,"

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