= Chapter 59 =

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"I'm jealous of the rain that falls upon your skin, closer than I've ever been."

-Skylar Torres

"May I get you anything?" A young looking redhead asked, freckles dancing across her cheeks.

"Just an espresso will do." I sniffled.

"Tissue too?" She suggested with pitied smile.

"Y-yes please, thank you." She gave me an understanding look before strolling back to work.

Here I was at Sally's Sunday Cafe, staring out through the window. I wasn't exactly sure where I ran to, but I was thankful to find a cafe that started with the alphabet of my feelings.

It was pouring outside as puddles spewed across the road. My cheeks were tear stained from all the crying and I was sure that I looked like a mess.

I decided to mute my phone since I've been getting constant calls from both Kai and Gabriel. None from Jeremy.

It hurt me that the person I thought would never break my heart, ended up doing exactly that.

Maybe good guys are bad guys in disguise afterall...

The redhead came back to my table with a small espresso cup and tissue packet in her hand.

"Are you alright?" She squeaked out nervously.

"If I said I was alright, would you believe me?"

"No." She shook her head sheepishly.
Looking around the cafe, she sat down on the seat opposite me.

"I'm Lilliana Herrington." She stretched out her hand, which I took with a smile.

"Skylar Torres. " I answered not as cheerfully as she did.

"Is a guy the reason you're in this state?" She suggested, her green eyes boring into mine.

"Is it that obvious?"

"Well, it's common."

"Have you experienced this before?" I sipped on my espresso, trying to avoid the topic about myself.

"Not really, because unlike you, I'm forced to marry someone I hate. " she snickered.

"Darn, that's worse."

"I shouldn't even be working here, my parents would kill me!"

"Why so?"

"My parents are some big CEOs of companies and the sight of their daughter working in a low standard cafe would be disgraceful, in their opinion. They are the reason I can't date the boy I love. I haven't seen him in years..." She shrugged, a curl from her bun falling over her eyebrow.

Before I could answer, my phone lit up once again with Kai profile picture.
"Why aren't you picking that up?" She frowned, before taking a closer look at my phone.

"Kai..." she trailed.

"You know him?"

"Long story...just pick it up, I'm sure it wouldn't be so bad." She couldn't look away from the phone. Sighing, I took my phone and agreed.

"SKYLAR! Thank The Lord you picked up!" He gushed out.

"What do you want Kai? I'm not in the mood to talk, so make it quick." I slouched against the chair.

"It's about J-Jeremy, t-they knocked
h-him out and kidnapped him." Kai stuttered, panting in between.

"I'm coming, meet me at your house." I put down my phone and got up without second thought.

Lilliana looked at me in surprise, standing up too. "It was great meeting you Lilliana but I have to go, it's an emergency!!" I shouted out to her before dashing out to flag for a taxi.

I knew that 3W! had something to do with this.


Both brothers embraced me in a hug before I could take a few steps into the house.

"Don't. Ever. Do. That. Again." Gabriel sternly, I responded with a small smile and a shake of the head.

"So bronze eagles kidnapped him? And 3W! Also know as Dante made this entire match a trap to get Jeremy..." I proposed.

"That's what we think too." Kai agreed.

"We have to hurry because I think their entire plan is to kill Jeremy." Gabriel was bouncing on his heels nervously.

"But why? Why would the entire Bronze Eagles want to kill Jeremy? I doubt they would want to kill Jeremy just because one of their members didn't get the girl he wanted."

It never made sense to me, the entire theory we assumed. I felt there was much more to it.

Either way, we will find out once we rescue Jeremy...but where do we even start?" Kai answered, tapping his chin.

"I know...Jeremy and I found Bronze Eagles' hideout the last time we followed Dante.

"Okay fine, we know where they are but what's next? You do know that their hideout is an infestation of guns and weapons." Gabriel analyzed.

"I have a plan, but you guys have to trust me." I spoke up, my palms sweaty.

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