Chapter Seventeen

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  I was finally getting the cloth taken off my eyes and we would see if the potion worked and I was really hoping it did because I want to be able to see everything again. I was currently in the throne room from what Teddy had told me when he sat me in Tom's seat because apparently everyone wanted to see if the potion worked also.

  "Hadrian, after I unwrap your eyes I want you to keep your eyes closed until I tell you to open them," Raven said and I nodded waiting as I felt the cloth being removed from my eyes and when it was gone I could see a bright white color before it dimmed and something damp was rubbed across my eyes before Raven continued speaking. "I just wiped your with a damp rag to clean them. You can open them...Now."

  Taking a deep breath I opened my eyes only to flinch and close them quickly and someone muttered a sorry and the bright light dimmed even more and I blinked my eyes open slowly this time and the first thing I noticed was that I could still see the colors and I was relieved for that but then someone moved in front of my vision startling me and I yelped scooting back in the chair. 

  "Sorry," Jamie's voice said and the person in front of me moved his lips. "I didn't mean to startle you."

  "Jamie," I whispered moving forward when he nodded and I reached a hand up and he locked his fingers around mine. I felt movement from the side us me and I turned my head to see a person with blue hair and gold eyes but the colors around me told me it was Teddy.

  "Hadrian?" Jamie said and I giggled.

  "Teddy really does have blue hair," I said and there were several gasps. "It's like a blueish-green though and his eyes are golden, not brown. Jamie's your hair is more brown than red and your eyes are really pretty hazel with flecks of green."

  "It worked," Raven said and I turned my head towards his direction and I smiled as I took in his appearance before my attention was drawn to the man standing in the corner and I stood up walking over to him.

  "Your eyes have blue in them," I said as the man crouched down in front of me.

  "They used to be blue before they turned red," he said and I smiled wrapping my arms around him.

  "It's a pretty combination," I said and turned to look at everyone else in the room noting who was who from their colors but I giggled when I saw Bella. "You look exactly like what Arcturus said, but calmer."

  "Not the worst thing you could have said," Renny laughed and I looked at him before grinning and running over to him hugging him tightly as he picked me up. "Hello, pup."

  "Renny," I said giggling.

   "Hadrian?" someone said and I looked back to see two adults, one had light brown hair and brownish-gold eyes and the other had shoulder length curly black hair and was wearing a worn sweater and worn jeans and dark grey almost black eyes and was wearing black leather.

  "Moony, Padfoot," I gasped remembering there faces only a little younger. "I remember you. You were always taking me out to look at the stars."

  "Yes," Padfoot said and Renny set me down and I walked over to them and studied them closer. "You always begged to watch them after you learned what they were."

   "Do you want to see yourself, cub?" Moony asked and I nodded quickly nodded and I felt magic swirl around the room before Padfoot grabbed my shoulders lightly and turned me around and I blinked at the black haired green eyed teen that was looking back at me and I raised my hand touching the reflective surface before I laughed and started bouncing.

  "My eyes are clear again," I giggled happily and everyone laughed.

*Tom Marvolo Riddle Gaunt*

  Everyone was relieved that the potion worked and that Hadrian now had his sight back, but it was amusing to watch Hadrian's expressions as he got to see everything again or for the first time in some cases. He was currently in the garden with the children and they told him what the different plants were and I was looking out my office window watching them as Lucius, Severus, Sirius, and Remus all put their ideas on how things should go since Albus has been trying to find the twins since he found out that they were no longer in Lily and James custody nor will they ever be again.

  "I don't think Hadrian should go either way," Sirius said. "I mean Albus is already angry that we won't tell him where they are and he wants Hadrian to start training to kill 'Voldemort'. I say we end Albus ourselves and be done with it."

  "That would be great except Albus's followers would kill the both of you," Lucius said and Sirius grumbled something about a smart-ass snake.

  "Maybe we should ask Hadrian what he wants to do," Severus said and everyone looked at him and I sat down in my chair.


  "Hadrian should be able to make his own choices," Severus continued. "He is a lot stronger than we all think and with the kids already feeling protective of him, no one would hurt him and from what his paperwork said he is the heir to all four houses and the owner of Hogwarts, Hadrian would have more control than any of us do together. So my point is why not ask him what he wants to do."

  "He has a point," Remus said.

  "Pippy," I called and a second later they house elf appeared.

  "Master called for Pippy," she said.

  "Bring the children here," I said and she nodded popping out and a few minutes later there was a knock on the door before it opened and all of the kids walked in but what caught my attention was Hadrian who was wearing his sunglasses.

   "Hadrian are you alright?" Severus asked.

  "The light and all the different colors were hurting my eyes but I'm okay with my glasses since they're really dark," he said.

  "Is there something you needed, father?" Draco asked.

  "Yes," I said. "The new school term starts in less than a month and Jamie and Hadrian need to decide on what they want to do."

  "I'm not going back," Jamie said angrily. "Albus lied and knew I had a brother. Ron and Hermione aren't even my friends and think I'm lying about several things that I had no control over. But if Ry decides he wants to go I will stay by his side."

  "Hadrian, what do you want to do?" Severus asked.

  "Well," he said after being quiet for several minutes. "Would the people that left me at the Dursley's be able to hurt me at the school?"

  "No," Severus said. "No one would be able to harm you if you choose to go."

  "I would like to go but I don't have any school papers or anything," he said.

  "Minerva could help with that," Remus said. 

  "There are a few things she could help with," Severus said before he stood up and walked out.

  "So...Does this mean I get to go?" Hadrian asked.

  "Yes, you will be starting Hogwarts with your brother and your friends this year," I said and he smiled clapping his hands. "We'll go school shopping next weekend after everything is completed. You kids can go play."

  "We can show you a book that has all kinds of information on Hogwarts..." one of the kids said as they left and closed the door behind them.

  "Speak with Severus and he might be able to get you both teaching jobs at the school," I said and both Sirius and Remus left to go find Severus.

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